Breaking News: Rampage Leaves 5 Slaughtered and Another 21 Injured in Texas Before Police Kill Shooter

Elder Patriot – An incident that began with an attempted traffic stop by a Texas Department of Public Safety officer on Saturday at about 4.17pm ET ended with five people being killed and 21 more injured. 

The suspect, described only as a white male in his thirties, shot the officer who stopped him and then hijacked a U.S. Postal Service mail truck.  

The suspect then began firing at random motorists along Interstate 20 before police killed him at the Cinergy movie complex.

The DPS officer who was shot and another law enforcement officer who was injured are both expected to recover.  

Initially, reports claimed that there were two shooters, and police say they have not ruled out that possibility, but they said that the threat had been neutralized. 

According to a statement released at 6:30pm ET, the Midland Police Department reported, ‘There is no active shooter at this time. All agencies are investigating reports of possible suspects.’  

Police initially believed there could have been two shooters on I-20 between Odessa and Midland driving separate vehicles, one a gold or white small Toyota truck and the other the hijacked USPS Postal Van. 

Various camera phone videos captured some of the chaotic events.  This one appears to capture the moment when police kill a suspect:

Here’s one of moviegoers fleeing the front of the theater:

A truck with what appears to be damage from multiple bullets is seen on Interstate 20 near Midland and Odessa

Residents are seen apparently helping a wounded victim after the shooting rampage in Texas

There may be much more to this story that we are yet to learn.  It’s been reported that the NYPD counterterrorism unit is closely monitoring the situation.  

It’s possible that the NYPD counterterrorism unit has picked up chatter or, perhaps a recently arrested terrorist wannabe is doing some chatting himself. 

On Thursday, NBC News reported that FBI agents had arrested 19-year-old Awais Chudhary of Queens, NY who had posted plans to carry out an attack in the name of the terror group ISIS in a chat room.

In that case, an undercover federal agent engaged Chudhary in a series of texts during which time he gained Chudhary’s confidence and convinced him to meet, at which point he was arrested.

(H/T) The UK Daily Mail