BREAKING: New Normal – World Trade Center Oculus Evacuated – Terrorism Feared – WTF Has Happened to US?

ELDER PATRIOT – The Port Authority was forced to shutdown the PATH station at World Trade Center just after 3 p.m. yesterday. 

Thousands were forced to evacuate after a bomb sniffing dog gave K-9 officers the signal for a “positive hit’ for explosives in an unattended backpack found in a PATH rail car.

According to CBS’s New York affiliate:

“The entire building was shut down and cleared out while Port Authority police investigated. Police and National Guard troops guarded the entrances, and people were left stranded on the street – sitting outside and wondering how they would get to their destination.”

Yolanda Golding who lives in London – the target of multiple terrorist attacks over the past two months – revealed just how much she was willing to change her life to accommodate the Muslim community.  Churchill must be turning over in his grave.

Golding had been trying to get to the 9/11 Museum.  Even that monument built to honor those who died in America’s worst-ever terror attack had been shut down.

Golding apparently has swallowed London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s statement hook, line, and sinker that we must accept terrorism as a fact of life:

“We have to be very careful nowadays. It’s a scary world, so it could be nothing, or it could be something dangerous. So yeah, you have to take precautions.”

Has is yet been necessary to ever shut down a Mosque or a Muslim monument or museum?

Three quarters of a century ago young American soldiers, sailors and airmen boarded boats headed for Europe to restore the freedoms of people they had never met in what they knew would cost thousands of lives. 

Now, the new normal finds us unwilling to even defend ourselves from an invasion on our own soil.

I’m certain my father is rolling over in his grave.