Breaking: New Evidence That Comey Used the FBI to Advance Clinton Campaign

ELDER PATRIOT – Joe Tacopino has reported in today’s New York Post that, “FBI Director James Comey reportedly tried to go public with the information about Russia’s campaign to disrupt the US presidential election last summer but Obama administration officials stopped him.

“Comey attempted to publish an Op-Ed on allegations that the Russian government was interfering with the US election process well before federal agencies went public with the claims, Newsweek reported on Wednesday.”

The question that must be answered is why did then President Obama stop him?

In fact, Obama went out of his way to assure Americans that our elections are virtually tamper-proof:

It appears that Obama knew that he was walking a fine line trying to hide Hillary Clinton’s own, far more damning ties to Russia.  While the Democrats were largely successful in working with the mainstream to tamp down on the facts, the investigation by Breitbart’s Peter Schweizer left little doubt about Secretary of State Clinton’s willingness to sell America’s assets to the Russians in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

The Democrats and everyone surrounding the Clinton campaign were convinced that if Comey went public with what he knew he would be opening a can of worms that would destroy Hillary’s electoral chances.  Of course that would require the Republicans in control of Congress to pursue a broader investigation into Russia’s influence everywhere they found it and not focus their investigation solely only on the election.

Keep in mind polls showed her to be the overwhelming favorite to win the presidency and the Democrats didn’t want to risk upsetting that with an investigation that would show her to be far more suspect than Donald Trump when it came to Russia.

Instead Comey slow-played Hillary’s email scandal in what amounted to a slight of hand, to avoid an investigation into Clinton’s ties to Russia.  Keep in mind that Clinton not only accepted Russian money in exchange for her approval of transferring a significant percentage of our uranium to a Putin controlled company, she also gave Russia a foothold in the Middle East by creating the Syrian fiasco.  It’s also looking like she sat back and ceded Ukraine to Russia.  Time will tell on that.

We should have suspected something when Comey exonerated Clinton in the face of a mountain of evidence that would have landed anyone else facing life in a federal prison.

Now Comey, after spending hours testifying before the House Select Committee on Intelligence refusing to confirm or deny everything he was asked about, admitted only one thing, that he’s investigation Trump’s ties to Russia.

How long does it take this man to conduct an investigation, especially one that’s so important to the preservation of our democracy?

Newsweek discovered that, “FBI Director James Comey attempted to go public as early as the summer of 2016 with information on Russia’s campaign to influence the U.S. presidential election.”

That means Comey already had enough proof of Russian interference at that time to make a public declaration.  Now, no less than seven months later he’s only able to confirm that an investigation is being conducted.

The timeline suggests that Comey hid Clinton’s tawdry financial arrangements with Russia prior to the election solely to allow her candidacy to continue on.

Now Comey has besmirched President Trump with the innuendo that he’s under investigation.  After of a year of investigating Comey owes us answers not innuendo and obfuscation.

Comey is either incompetent or he’s dirty.  Either way he must be replaced.