BREAKING: Nearly Half A Dozen Sheriffs Shot … ‘Shelter In Place’ Orders Issued

Elder Patriot: Earlier this morning KPRC 2 in Houston reported that police had arrested a man on multiple charges after they found a small arsenal of guns in a hotel room he was occupying on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency on Louisiana Street downtown.   With a big New Years Eve celebration scheduled to be held in the hotel that begs the question whether this was a terror related incident.

The suspect has not been identified.

The Chief of Police tweeted this following the arrest:

Around the same time a premeditated attack took place in Douglas County, Colorado where an unidentified gunman opened fire on sheriff deputies responding a call of a domestic disturbance. “… law enforcement urged anyone who lived in the area to shelter in place.”

They walked into an ambush at the Copper Canyon Apartments that left one deputy dead and at least another four with gunshot wounds.

Linda Watson, a hospital spokeswoman said that three of the wounded were taken to Skyridge Medical Center with noncritical injuries. She didn’t know if they wounded were officers. An additional four victims were taken to Littleton Adventist Hospital, said Alyssa Parker, a hospital spokeswoman there.

The sheriff’s tweet confirmed that 7 people were injured or dead:

We will keep you updated as events continue breaking throughout the day and night.  Let’s pray these are isolated incidents and not part of a broader terrorist network as Internet chatter might suggest.