Breaking: The Mainstream Media Just Walked Out on a Homeland Security Briefing

ELDER PATRIOT – Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and his staff used a just concluded press briefing to destroy the mainstream media’s attempt to construct a narrative that President Trump’s recent executive order improving the vetting of travellers from seven Middle Eastern terrorist hotbeds was poorly implemented, mean-spirited, and unconstitutional. 

Kelly used each question the press attacked him with to explain in detail every element of what, became increasingly apparent, is a very well thought out policy.

It became evident that the representatives of the anti-Trump mainstream media were ill informed and in pursuit of a fake news story in the face of Kelly’s superior knowledge and intellect so they walked out.

Expect more of this as the most egregious and dangerous purveyors of fake news the mainstream establishment media, is consistently exposed by the superior talents that Donald Trump has surrounded himself with.

Trump has successfully exposed the mainstream media for the left-wing globalist mouthpiece it is and it is only going to get worse for these phony “journalists” as Trump’s incredibly qualified cabinet members continue exposing their ignorance and bias. 

By walking out the mainstream media removed all doubt that they are up to challenging Trump’s America First agenda for much longer.  Let them keep walking so that Trump can focus on making America great again.