BREAKING: Hillary Clinton to Step Aside Alt-Right to be Silenced? Michelle?

ELDER PATRIOT – It has been confirmed by those close to her campaign that Hillary Clinton will be forced to step aside due to the increasing frequency of the Syncope episodes that have been plaguing her since she first suffered a serious head trauma back in 2012.

This should not be construed as an act of patriotism on the part of Mrs. Clinton.  Hillary has only one concern at present and it isn’t that she gives a wit about the country.  Clinton is desperate to make it to January 20th and to be inaugurated the first woman President of the United States.  She knows her medical condition will prevent her from serving any significant length of time as president.

Still, Mrs. Clinton would not have quit of her own volition.  She is being forced out by panicking Democrat leaders who realize they have indulged her for far too long already and that she has virtually no chance of getting through the upcoming ninety-minute debates with Donald Trump without suffering a seizure at some point.

The fear of high ranking establishment officials in both parties is the real prospect that Donald Trump, if elected, will expose the entirety of the criminal enterprise they have turned government into.

Secret Service agents assigned to protect Mrs. Clinton have had enough and have leaked the extent of her health issues to Alex Jones.  They have confirmed that Clinton is suffering at least petit mal seizures every hour.

Details for Mrs. Clinton’s exit from the presidential race are being worked out so as to allow for the best chance to defeat Donald Trump.  The veil of electoral choice has been lifted as high-ranking party operatives have already started the discussions to determine her successor.  If the selection of a successor reads like something from the Soviet Union’s Politburo it should not shock you.

The Democratic Party in the United States has been working towards this for some time.  It is the way communists work.  Bernie Sanders supporters are all too aware of this having witnessed the will of the people denied in many of the states that he won only to have the party’s apparatchik super delegates decide differently.

Now they are planning to rely on President Obama’s help to seize control of the general election process as well.

This is why Michelle Obama has emerged as perhaps the leading contender to replace Mrs. Clinton.  Donald Trump has made significant inroads with Blacks and is now enjoying the highest support level within their community since 1960 – the election before LBJ ran on a platform that included the creation of welfare that essentially bribed Blacks into moving onto plantations and destroyed their nuclear families.

Trump’s outreach to the urban Black community, combined with the eight years of worsening economic conditions they have suffered under President Obama, has resulted in Black support moving toward Trump in record numbers.

By installing the First Lady at the top of their ticket Democrats will be moving to shore up their two most important demographics – Blacks and feminists.  It’s also likely that the Democrats have given up on this election and will choose Michelle if for no other reason than to protect the Black and the feminist votes for their 2020 candidate.

Other contenders to replace Mrs. Clinton will surely make their voices heard including current candidate for V.P. and Liberation Theology (Communism) adherent Tim Kaine as well current V.P. Joe Biden who has been around forever and has played the loyal stooge to Obama for the past eight years.

This is sure to turn into a bloodbath but we’ll never witness it because the selection process will be conducted behind closed doors to the benefit of the Democrat who emerges.

Instead of sounding an alarm the mainstream media has been releasing stories to condition the American people to the idea that the election may need to be postponed – as though there are no other candidates on the ballot – or dispensed with altogether in favor of a selection process run by establishment insiders.  This could well spell the end of our Republic for precedent once set can become the norm.

It’s regrettable that the mainstream media refused to present the evidence of Mrs. Clinton’s health problems as they were becoming more obvious.  Had they reported her problems when they originally surfaced the Democrat’s primary process might actually have yielded a peoples’ candidate.

Even more “deplorable” though is that they actually went out of their way to alibi for Mrs. Clinton, deflect her health concerns onto Donald Trump, and to discredit the “Alt-right media” who have been the only ones to cover the news in a truthful and inquisitive manner.  The mainstream media has reduced itself to an echo chamber for the DNC talking points that are faxed to them every morning and as needed during the day.

It’s enviable that Mrs. Clinton tried to “power through” but that’s not the issue here.  Her inability to power through is what’s important.  If she were simply suffering from pneumonia we could understand her need to leave Sunday’s 9/11 ceremony prematurely.  But it wasn’t an isolated incident as Paul Joseph Watson documented over a month ago.

Nothing that the photo op with a little girl that followed Sunday’s health incident didn’t square with the official explanation that she was both dehydrated and suffering from pneumonia.

Throughout this campaign the newly named Alt-right media reporting has been shown to have been accurate on virtually every issue while the mainstream media has been exposed for alibiing, denying, and lying in defense of the status quo and establishment politicians.

So who are the ones propounding conspiracy theories?

Why is the Internet being turned over to foreign control at midnight on September 30th. Why is Obama federalizing our elections a week after claiming that election does not exist? Beginning on October 1st the First Amendment protections of the Alt-right might very well be silenced by international monitors that are intent on squelching the resurgent Untied States populism espoused by Donald Trump.

Then where will you turn for the truth?