BOOM!!! OMB Director Mulvaney Uses Budget Rollout to Destroy Marxist Media Hucksters

ELDER PATRIOT – When President Donald Trump was in the private sector he became known for hiring the right person for the job and then letting them do it.  It’s clear that he is following the same strategy as president.  That’s why so many of his top-level appointments have been highly accomplished men and women from the private sector rather than recycle D.C.’s political swampscum.

However, Trump did choose Mick Mulvaney, a man with firsthand knowledge of how the swamp works, to be his Director of the Office of Management and Budget.  So, yesterday when, Mulvaney presented the president’s fiscally responsible budget to the Marxist media elites, he was more than prepared for their demagogic questions.

Predictably, the media went straight to their time-tested practice of calling any attempt at restoring fiscal sanity to government spending as draconian and a cataclysmic defunding of “necessary” government programs.  Mulvaney was ready for the bias reflected in their insipid questions and his answers left them without rejoinder.

In less than two minutes Mulvaney uses President Trump’s “Taxpayer First Budget” to strip the media of their decades old line of bullsh*t whenever a fiscally responsible tax proposal is put forth. 

“We look at this budget through the eyes of the eyes of the people who are actually paying the bills.  For years and years we looked at the backend of the budget, the recipients, and we haven’t spent enough time focusing on the people who pay the taxes.

“We’re no longer going to measure compassion by the number of programs or the number of people on those programs but by the number of people we help get off those programs.

“We’re not going to measure compassion by the amount of money that we spend but by the number of people that we help.”

Imagine that, performance based accountability comes to Washington!  This should flush out irresponsible big government spending Republicans, don’t you think?

Mulvaney was prepared with sharp answers to every question including those charging the proposed budget was irresponsible because it has spending cuts.  First, there are no budget cuts.  The rate of increased annual spending is being diminished in an effort to arrive at a balanced budget in ten years. 

To put this in perspective, under Obama, government spending exceeded revenues by $1.25 Trillion, annually!  Obama’s government overspent revenues by $10 Trillion over the past eight years.  Trump’s budget asks for spending reductions totaling $1.7 Trillion over the next ten years. 

Washington has been running budget deficits virtually forever but under Bush II and Obama all sense of fiscal responsibility was cast to the wind.

Mulvaney shut the budget critics up with one line:  “Borrowing money with no intention of repaying it is theft.”

Those politicians opposing spending cuts will be left explaining to the taxpayers that they represent when they plan to start repaying what they owe to them and their children, if ever.

Feckless politicians have been stealing money from future generations solely to build constituencies.  To personalize this, would you go into debt, and if so how far into debt would you be willing to go and for how long, if one of your neighbors hit hard times?  How about if his hard times lasted decades?

Well, that’s what Washington’s politicians are demanding.  Only they have committed your children to paying that that debt, too. Or, are you planning on raising your child to join the bloodsuckers that live off of other people’s money?

Alarmist claims, like those from NY Mayor DeBlasio, that 125,000 of his city’s children will die because of the cuts should fall on deaf ears.  If DeBlasio really believes this he can institute the “critically needed” funding in his city and pay for it with the money from NYC taxpayers. 

Or, DeBlasio can find the money without raising taxes by doing something about the 775,000 undocumented aliens he has given shelter to as a sanctuary city.  Tax policy should be about making tough decisions with limited resources and with everyone in mind – including the taxpayers.

Trump and Mulvaney have taken that responsibility seriously.  Let’s see if Democrats are willing to take similar responsibility and, if they really believe their own rhetoric, justify raising taxes in the cities and states that they run. 

That’s the way the Framers envisioned in the first place.