Boom! Judge Napolitano Just Slapped Down the 47 Democrats Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration

ELDER PATRIOT – Stuart Varney asked Judge Andrew Napolitano if he thought the anarchists descending on Washington threatening violent protests intended to disrupt Donald Trump’s inauguration were being given legitimacy by the 47 Democratic lawmakers who are boycotting the event.

Napolitano told Varney that the lawmakers may have no direct legal liability but that there was no question they were to be held morally responsible for giving cover to anti-American anarchists and that they would own the consequences.

These Democrats are doing what liberals do best – acting like petulant spoiled brats while defiling the Constitution.  It was only a couple of short months ago when they were confident that Hillary Clinton would be the next president that they demanded the peaceful transition of power be observed.

The fact is the leader of the boycott is Georgia Congressman John Lewis who would like you to believe that Trump is so despicable that he had no choice to boycott a celebration of transferring power to the president-elect. 

Lewis’ contention falls flat when one learns that he also boycotted George W. Bush’s inauguration because Lewis claimed he was also “illegitimately” elected.

Lewis and his Democrat followers have chosen to side with the anarchists include an Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Fascist Bloc, Quockblockade Parade Queer Resistance, Climate Convergence, as well an Occupy Inauguration.

Their support for these groups is simply an admission by these 47 lawmakers that they support the Marxist aims of these groups, something reasonable observers concluded well before these histrionics.

Neil Cavuto suggested that Trump offer their seats to the soaring number of corporate executives who have already committed to helping make America great again by pledging billions of dollars in new investment in our country.  After all, as Cavuto commented, these corporate leaders are doing more to improve conditions in the United States than the 47 losers who have decided to shut themselves off from their sworn responsibility.