BOOM! Gowdy Drops the Hammer on Schiff and Obstructionist Dems on National TV

Elder Patriot – Democrats are whining that they have written a memo too but that evil President Trump won’t release it.  Since when did the Depends dependent leakers in the Democratic Party ever wait for approval to stand before a friendly camera and blurt out anything including classified information?

They are now accusing the president of blocking their memo that they claim contains facts that would contradict the findings outlined in the four-page memo released by the House Intelligence Committee on Friday.

Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy appeared on Face the Nation yesterday and turned the Democrats’ argument on its ear:

MARGARET BRENNAN:  Well, the FBI was gravely concerned that there was information missing from this memo that it actually was dangerous in setting a precedent in terms of disclosing classified information, and it could actually hurt future intelligence efforts. How do you respond to that, and to Chris Wray?

REP. GOWDY: Difficult facts make for really bad precedent. I hope this is a one-off. I hope it is a one-off that Congress takes this position, but I also hope it’s a one-off that a FISA application contains errors and– and– and product that is funded by a political opponent. I hope that that’s a one-off. So—

MARGARET BRENNAN: That’s the Steele dossier that you are pointing to there.

REP. GOWDY: But– but it’s–it’s both the Steele dossier, and who paid for it, and whether or not it was vetted, but it’s also what was not in it. This is an application to a court. So, I get that Adam Schiff and others are worried about what’s not in my memo. I wish that they were equally concerned about what’s not in the FISA application, which is a lot of really important information about the source, and its sub-sources, and the fact that he was hired by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, and the fact that he was biased against President Trump. That is all information that the– that the finder of fact is entitled to.

“I get that Adam Schiff and others are worried about what’s not in my memo. I wish that they were equally concerned about what’s not in the FISA application.”

If the Democrats’ memo had any real teeth to it the Washington Post and the New York Times would have already printed it. 

The Dems have had a year and a half to pound their phony narrative that Trump is a Russian agent into the public consciousness.  Now they want you to believe that the House Intelligence Committee and President Trump are guilty of obstruction for not lending their imprimatur to any more half-truths and outright lies.

Instead they will proceed with their latest strategy – painting any political opponents as Russian agents doing Putin’s bidding.

What should be most concerning about the Democrats’ strategy is their determination, after having failed to maintain control of the government through the election of Hillary Clinton, to now destroy it, instead.