Boom! Former Federal Prosecutor Drops Bomb on James Comey: “He’s a Dirty Cop!”

ELDER PATRIOT – Joe DiGenova is a highly respected former federal prosecutor whose legal career in the District of Columbia has taken him from Capitol Hill to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia to private practice.  He appeared on Varney and Company this morning where lowered the boom on FBI Director James Comey for having become one more pawn in Hillary Clinton’s wholesale corruption of every department in Washington D.C.

DiGenova confirmed what we reported in this column eleven days ago, that current FBI agents have grown disgusted with Comey’s handing of the case against Hillary Clinton and are now the source of most of the leaks now becoming public.

DiGenova: “They believe he (Comey) threw the investigation.  That is was a fake investigation and proof [is] he never used a Grand Jury, issued no subpoenas, granted immunity agreements where none were justified and allowed destruction of evidence, two computers subpoenaed [by] Congress and needed in Freedom of Information Act cases and [Comey] allowed lawyers for multiple witnesses in violation of D.O.J. policy.

“Wherever you go, for one reason only.”

Whoa!  For 108 years the FBI’s record for integrity had never been tarnished but now even this vaunted institution, has been corrupted by Hillary Clinton.