Boom! European CEOs Put America First – Investing Billions in US Development

Elder Patriot – Remember when Donald Trump said that he’d bring business back to the United States and Barack Obama asked him where he’d get that magic wand?  Well Trump was right and is now schooling the squirrelly Marxist in how capitalism works.

It won’t change a thing about Obama because he is an ideologue.  But it is opening the eyes of Americans who are the beneficiaries of this nascent economic boom.

When Trump talked about creating conditions that would encourage international corporations to repatriate the trillions of dollars they had stashed overseas to avoid the confiscatory tax rates in the U.S., Obama scoffed and the mainstream media matrix labeled Donald Trump an economic illiterate.

The only economic illiterates, it turns out, were the Obama-Clinton sycophants who believed that.  Obama and the MMM knew the truth but had an agenda that was designed to cut America down to size damn the effect on the people.

Well, Trump finally got his tax cut through Congress – not everything he wanted but enough – and travelled to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to close the sale.

Trump’s enemies thought he was walking into the belly of the beast but he wound up taking Davos by storm.

He returns to the U.S. a conquering hero.

Trump spent his time holding bilateral meetings with other world leaders and conducting business roundtables.  He also hosted a dinner for European business leaders that was so successful the events of that night even surpassed the president’s expectations.

Joe Kaeser, president of Siemans took the lead in praising Trump and announced his plans for making a significant new investment in America:

“Since you have been so successful in tax reform we have decided to develop the next generation gas turbines in the United States.”

A stream of other corporate titans in attendance followed that by making similar announcements.

The attendees included:

  • Kasper Rorsted, Adidas (Apparel)—Germany
  • Joe Kaeser, Siemens AG (Tech)—Germany
  • Heinrich Hiesinger, Thyssenkrupp AG (Industrials)—Germany
  • Eldar Saetre, Statoil ASA (Energy)—Norway
  • Mark Schneider, Nestle SA (Food and Beverage)—Switzerland
  • Vas Narasimhan, Novartis AG (Pharmaceutical)—Switzerland
  • Mark Tucker, HSBC (Financial Services)—UK
  • Patrick Pouyanne, Total SA (Energy)—France
  • Carols Brito, Anheuser-Busch InBev NV (Food and Beverage)—Netherlands
  • Rajeev Suri, Nokia Corporation (Technology)—Finland
  • Punit Renjen, Deloitte (Consulting)—UK
  • Martian Lundstedt, AB Volvo (Auto)—Sweden
  • Werner Baumann, Bayer AG (Pharmaceutical)—Germany
  • Bill McDermott, SAP SE (Technology)—Germany
  • Ulrich Spiesshofer, ABB Ltd (Manufacturing)—Switzerland

For the American worker the jobs that are created through this investment will not be “crumbs.”  And, the newly created taxpayers will help lessen the burden on every other taxpayer.

This was a major coup that President Trump accomplished on behalf of the American people.  The MMM ignored it. 

Donald Trump was right again.  And, no matter how the MMM characterizes Donald Trump, he is right for America!