Blockbuster Revelation: Radicalized Dems No Longer Care About With Elections. Plotting Violent Coup

ELDER PATRIOT – Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center.  He has written an important analysis of how the Democratic Party’s massive electoral losses has driven it further and further into the arms of the radical Left.

Greenfield points out how each defeat “increases the power and influence… of the left’s unelected power bases from the judiciary to the media to academia to the bureaucracy and the non-profit sector.”

This is the core of what is now Obama’s “Resistance” movement. The mission of the “Resistance” is not to plan for a future democratic victory, but an undemocratic coup.”

History teaches us that this is always the endgame for Leftists.  The proof that the modern Democratic Party is following the same course is illustrated in a simple marketing question, why would any party continue alienating its traditional working class constituency if it were intent on electoral success?

The party didn’t leave its traditional base.  Neither did the base leave the party so much as the radical Left ripped the party away from its loyal rank and file.

The radical Left is content losing elections so long as the result was the consolidation of its control over one of America’s two major political parties from which to pontificate.  Their plan, ultimately, is to abandon democratic elections altogether.

How else to explain the fact that Nancy Pelosi is still head of the Dem’ House caucus, whiny Chuck Schumer controls their Senate cause, or the appointments of Tom Perez and Keith Ellison to run the party’s affairs?  Maxine Waters?  John Lewis?  The list of Democrats that you wouldn’t invite to your barbeque is long.  These flamethrowers are there to stir a revolution not to negotiate with Republicans.

Evidence of this is as obvious as the nose on your face.  The DNC conspired to deny Bernie Sanders any chance at the nomination and soon we’ll learn that the Russian election hack was a product of Obama’s collusion with Putin to end democratically determined elections in the United States, something we considered was underway in an article last August.

Greenfield’s treatise is a significant step forward in understanding what’s happened to the once great political party.  He explains how and why the party no longer represents the people of America, “Subtract the media, unions and billionaire backers and it’s just the Green Party with more of a history,” Greenfield notes. 

After careful evaluation, Greenfield is forced to conclude what so many of us have been thinking but that no one wants to admit:

“…the left was consciously making the Democrats untenable as a political party by cutting them off from their working class base and their geographic constituencies.   

“The Democrat Party is no longer a national party. It’s the political movement associated with small groups of elites out of a few dozen cities and associated suburbs. Its national presence outside these cities continues withering every year. Subtract the media, unions and billionaire backers and it’s just the Green Party with more of a history. If a radical leftist party were to gain more traction in the Bay Area, Chicago and New York, the Democrats could very easily vanish as thoroughly as the Federalists.

“But the left’s endgame isn’t winning elections. It’s eliminating them.

“The left has led the donkey party to this poisonous swamp. The question is will the donkey drink?”

If all of this sounds crazy consider how:

  • Obama had a hand in – perhaps orchestrated – the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore as a result of his stewardship of Black Lives Matter. 
  • The post-election days of resistance, as well as the Summer of Resistance that is planned to start on Sunday, are and will be funded by radical Left-wing billionaires that include George Soros and Tom Steyer.  Both look to Obama for guidance.
  • BLM was responsible for the deaths of police across the country.  Obama refusal to condemn their actions might very well have been a test of Americans’ relative retaliation or acceptance of their planned violent coup.
  • If Obama had successfully neutered the Second Amendment Americans with the resolve to suppress the coming resistance would’ve been left defenseless.

It’s time to understand the extent of the threat that Obama poses and that anyone who continues defending him or his party are “donkeys drinking from the poison swamp.”