BLOCKBUSTER John Solomon and Sara Carter Tell Hannity: Expect Criminal Referrals of FBI Officials, Shortly

Elder Patriot – Last night investigative journalists Sara Carter and John Solomon joined Sean Hannity to discuss the way the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump narratives have so drastically evolved from the mainstream media’s original reporting.

The segment begins at the 29:35 point of the show:

Carter had broken the story earlier in the day that former FBI General Counsel James Baker, after reviewing the materials transmitted by Hillary Clinton using of her private server, had concluded that there was sufficient evidence to seek an indictment to charge her for violations under the Espionage Act.

Under questioning from congressional investigators, Baker had characterized the binder of materials he was given to review as “highly classified.”

This led to a broader discussion about the manner in which former, and present, FBI officials not only worked to bury Clinton’s illegalities but also worked to undermine Donald Trump, first when he was a candidate and then his presidency.

All three noted how both narratives – Clinton’s use of a private mail to conduct secret email transmissions and Donald Trump colluding with Russia – have changed as evidence and no evidence has surfaced.

In the desperation to hang some wrongdoing around President Trump’s neck, the level of hypocrisy by the FBI agents involved in both cases has become too obvious to avoid.

Every Clinton associate was given immunity, never placed under oath prior to giving testimony, and were allowed to scrub clean and/or destroy any devices that contained any evidence that might be deemed incriminating to Mrs. Clinton.

This despite clear evidence that Hillary had violated at least certain laws governing the handling of sensitive and classified information.

The opposite was true of the FBI’s treatment of Donald Trump.  It appears the FBI had no “actionable intelligence” even though they made that claim originalityn justifying the surveillance and investigation of Trump.

Now as special counsel Robert Mueller prepares to wrap up his work and more than likely tell America that he has failed to find any evidence of Trump colluding with Russia that narrative looks like it is about to be crushed as well.

Then, towards the end of the segment, the bomb drops.  Carter and Solomon both tell Hannity that criminal referrals are finally in the works.

Hannity suggests that at least a dozen people should be facing charges.  When Sean threw it to Carter for corroboration she upped the ante:

“Yes, absolutely.  If not more… I would say definitely between 12 and 20.”

Next Sean sought John Solomon’s insider information:

“Yep.  The House Republicans who did all these interviews, they’re preparing criminal referrals right now.  I’m told that they’ve released nine that they’re going to make right off the bat.

Hannity then asked Solomon what his sources inside special counsel Robert Mueller’s office is telling him.  Solomon:

“I think the end is near and I think there will be no charges against the president recommended.”


Prepare for the mainstream media’s changing narratives.