Bitch Slap: Pelosi-Led Dems’ Demands Stall Stimulus Package, Stifles Equity Markets

Never let a crisis go to waste.  For craven Democrats that means any bill that might help Americans must, M.U.S.T. contain “sweeteners.”  That translates in payments to their preferred donors, some of which finds its way back to their campaign coffers.

Just when we thought we had put Pelosi back in her box, she has resurrected herself.  This vampire refuses to die…

(Fox News) U.S. equity markets rose Wednesday but gave up the bulk of the gains after Democratic lawmakers raised some concerns over the $2 trillion relief measure to provide aid to those most severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Concerns?  That’s one way of sugar-coating it.

Here’s Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s chief concern…

Is this really a reason to hold up money directed to struggling American families unable to pay for their food and housing? 

Why are these museums even open at this time?  New York is the epicenter of the Wuhan virus in the United States.  All pro sporting events have been cancelled… 

Most New Yorkers have never visited these museums when there was no threat of infection.  Now that they’re on lockdown, these museums are the last thing on their to do lists.

Tourists?  Please, who the heck is visiting New York when there are no open restaurants.

Nadler is a pig.  He looks like a pig and he acts like a pig.

And, Pelosi enables him.  

Trump has a loud bully pulpit.  He should make the bitch own today’s market equities loss.