Bipolar or Duplicitous? Glenn Beck Flips Again. Expresses Love For Justin Amash

Elder Patriot – Once again Glenn Beck has shown himself to be a horse’s ass.  A man of little principle and even less integrity.

Remember when the bipolar, Never Trump, Beck endorsed Hillary Clinton for president?  That was when he wasn’t busy call Trump and his supporters Nazis, KKK, and alt-right racists.

That was before Beck’s media conglomerate collapsed.  “Suddenly” Beck discovered that he had been wrong all along:

Trump was now the president for our times.  A man perfectly suited to fix the mess Obama had left in his wake.

The duplicitous Beck used his conservative “homecoming” to convince a group of conservatives, including Mark Levin, to bail out his failing media company and join him in rebranding and building the new “Blaze Media Empire”.

Then, with the ink barely dry on the contracts, Beck revealed his true Never Trump self, yesterday: