Bill & Hillary Clinton-Harvey Weinstein-Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Ring About to Blow Wide Open

Elder Patriot – In late February of this year, just a little over a month after taking office, President Trump announced an initiative to end human sex trafficking.

At that time the mainstream globalist media ignored the story much as they have ignored the story until this day.

Now, with the revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s sexually predatory behavior being blasted everywhere, certain connections are coming into focus that demand further investigation.

It is no secret that Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein were as close as two peas in a pod.  It’s also no secret that both are sexual predators.  It’s also no secret that Harvey Weinstein raised tens of millions of dollars to help fund Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign.

That kind of money buys loyalty from the Clintons – when it’s not buying nuclear secrets.

Now Roger Stone, who the mainstream globalist media demands we dismiss as a conspiracy nut even though he has been proven right too many times to count in the past, is claiming that he has reliable sources within the administration that have confirmed to him that an investigation has been opened into convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s connections to the Clinton-Weinstein abuse ring.

At the very least, we already know that Hillary is neck-deep in protecting pedophiles. As we reported in late February, Mrs. Clinton moved to extradite Laura Silsby from Haiti.  Silsby was the Director of “The New Life Children’s Refuge” that claimed to be an orphanage.  There are no records showing she ever ran an orphanage but there are records showing that she was found guilty of breaking the law by illegally trying to remove 33 children out of Haiti. 

What could Hillary’s motive has been for extraditing Silsby unless it was to arrange for a reduced sentence or even a “get out of jail free” card for her and, what will be shown to be, her accomplice.

The attorney who represented Laura Silsby, Jorge Puello had previously been convicted of child-sex trafficking.  Hillary moved to have him extradited to the U.S., as well. 

Here is Roger Stone providing the first hopeful hints that the power of these sexual predators, who have controlled our government from the very top, are finally being investigated for the pain they have inflicted by forcing their perversities on innocents and the defenseless.

There is no doubt that the Clintons’ played a major role in keeping both Weinstein and Epstein shielded from scrutiny in the mainstream press.  Those now scurrying for cover in Hollywood have been major donors to and, defenders of the Clintons and have attacked their political enemies in the most vicious ways.

And, the Clintons are well aware that without their financial support and outright lies protecting them they would be in trouble.  After all, politics is all about perception – it has little to do with the truth… at least when it comes to the Clintons.

It is not believable that the New York Times simply caved to pressure from Weinstein himself when they decided to stuff this story.  Weinstein is a powerful man but he is simply one of many powerful Hollywood producers who are aligned with the Clintons and it stretches credulity to believe these powerful men wouldn’t welcome Weinstein’s downfall so that their business interests could expand into Weinstein’s turf.

Unless, of course, the powerful players are equally involved in this predatory depravity or they were ordered to keep silent by Bill and Hillary.  Or, both.

Which brings us back to the Times and their history of alibiing for the Clintons even while Bill and Hillary were raking in more than a hundred million dollars at the same time that they were engaged in breaching U.S. national security interests in making deals with hostile nation states China, North Korea, and Russia.

Weinstein, as powerful as he was allowed to become is not a match for the NY Times but the Clintons were and still are.  They are the only ones powerful enough to convince the editors of the Times to turn their back on a blockbuster story about the sexual depravity that governs Hollywood.

For the Clintons, protecting the guilty and destroying the victims is standard operating procedure.  When Bill turned the White House into a predatory safe house, Hillary went to illegal extremes to silence Bill’s victims.

Keep in mind that Hollywood serves as little more than the entertainment division of the mainstream globalist media’s propaganda machine and that is all that the elites have left in the war against making America great again.

On October 9th, the Weekly Standard highlighted the fact that the Clintons “offered get-out-of-jail-free cards to a whole army of sleaze balls, from Jeffrey Epstein to Harvey Weinstein to their foreign donors to the Clinton Global Initiative.”

Even accepting the quid pro quo of massive campaign contributions in exchange for protection, that doesn’t explain Epstein receiving a “free pass.”  No similarly massive amounts of money came from him.

No, Epstein supplied something different, girls, and underage girls at that.  The truth is young people of either sex have not been immune from the pedophiles that feed off of these Hollywood hopefuls.

One is forced to wonder if the sexual conditioning of women and children is the reason that Hollywood defends Islam so aggressively while trashing Judeo-Christian principles.

Without the Clintons’ protection Epstein would be behind bars for the rest of his unnatural life.  The same is true for the extensive network of pedophiles that operates below the underbelly of Hollywood.

The Hollywood elites who have gained the adulation of America but did nothing to protect the innocent who they knew were being abused, are about to suffer the steepest fall from grace imaginable.  Is there any doubt why they are fighting so hard to discredit President Trump?

Meanwhile, establishment Republicans, who may or may not be implicated in the abuse, have also at the very least remained silent and haven’t lifted a finger to defend the abused.

These establishmentarians rely on the support of evangelical voters to get elected which is why they may slow-playing Trump’s legislative agenda – better that they lose the 2018 elections over their malfeasance rather than have their complicity in this heinous cover-up be exposed.