The Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch Meeting Raises Serious Concerns About an Offer She Couldn’t Refuse

ELDER PATRIOT – The New York Times reported that:

“Ms. Lynch said that the meeting with Mr. Clinton was unplanned, largely social and did not touch on the email investigation. She suggested that he walked uninvited from his plane to her government plane, both of which were parked on a tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

“’He did come over and say hello, and speak to my husband and myself, and talk about his grandchildren and his travels and things like that,’ Ms. Lynch said at a news conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where she was promoting community policing. ‘That was the extent of that. And no discussions were held into any cases or things like that.’”

The New York Post printed her expanded comments:

“We talked about former Attorney General Janet Reno, for example, whom we both know, but there was no discussion of any matter pending for the department or any matter pending for any other body. There was no discussion of Benghazi, no discussion of the State Department e-mails, by way of example.” – Attorney General Loretta Lynch characterizing her “chance social” meeting with ex-President Clinton on her private plane in the Phoenix Airport.

Even if we take the attorney general at her word that would be enough to suggest a wholly inappropriate conversation took place between her and ex-President Clinton. 

The conversation might’ve gone something like this, “You have beautiful grandchildren Loretta.  If you’re like me I’m sure you worry about them all of the time, there’s so many crazy people out there looking to do harm to innocent children.  I’m sure you’d like to do everything in your power to keep them safe and even to help them while you can.

“You know Janet Reno did quite well after having served loyally in my administration.  I’m pretty sure you know Reno’s income went from $147,994 that she earned as attorney general to $646,895 in 2001.  Almost all of it came from speaking fees.  I’ve heard you talk Loretta and you’re a natural.  You just need the proper person ‘promoting’ you.

“Of course if that person wasn’t there to promote you it might be difficult to find such lucrative work on your own and where would that leave your grandchildren in this dangerous world?”

It simply stains credulity to believe Bill Clinton considers Loretta Lynch such a close friend that he would violate the legal ethics involved in asking for such a meeting.  It’s also hard to fathom that Lynch would expose herself to such a blatant flaunting of the rules governing a federal prosecutor’s contact with a potential witness in a case that was before them as it likely soon will be with Hillary’s email case, especially because there is little evidence that Lynch and Clinton have had any kind of social relationship in the past. 

There’s no doubt that Bill Clinton initiated the contact and that Lynch only agreed to the meeting after Barack Obama approved of it.

So what to make of this?

The prevailing wisdom suggests that Bill Clinton asked for the meeting to discuss the eventuality of the FBI’s referral of criminal charges against Hillary and perhaps mention the potential for Lynch to ascend to the Supreme Court under a Hillary presidency.

That may have been discussed as a Plan B but there is no guarantee that Mrs. Clinton will win the White House.  Bill had to come with more than that if he wanted to influence the attorney general and he knew that going into that meeting.  But he doesn’t have more than that to offer and with Donald Trump threatening to open wide the legal investigation into the Clinton’s illegal activities the last thing AG Lynch wants is to be another Clinton casualty.

It’s far more likely that Clinton restricted his conversation to Plan A, the two billion dollar Clinton Foundation that is not pending anywhere in the legal system but is being investigated by the private legal watchdog organization Judicial Watch.

This explains why yesterday Attorney General Lynch announced that she would be asking the court for a twenty-seven month delay in delivering State Department emails pertaining to the Clinton Foundation.  It also explains reports that she’s preparing to say she’ll defer to whatever the career prosecutors within her department recommend when it comes to Mrs. Clinton. 

Look at it from Bill’s point of view.  He really doesn’t want to be the First Man.  That would make him the victim of his own support of the feminist movement and in his mind quite demeaning for a man who used to be president.  As the dominoes start falling people begin looking out for themselves and Bill Clinton is no different.  In fact, he has made a career out of looking out for himself as so many dead and imprisoned Clinton associates have found out firsthand.

If anything it appears Bill is preparing for life without Hillary.  Their relationship has been one of convenience almost since the beginning and Hillary’s extreme avarice has become a threat to Bill’s philandering and his retirement nest egg.

Loretta Lynch has become a vulnerable pawn in the Obama-Clinton feud.  Her reputation is damaged and she will eventually be made to step down which will provide Obama with his favorite legal maneuver – delaying and stalling so that by the time anything gets adjudicated it’s of little relevance.

Bill Clinton got his point across without crossing any overtly illegal line.  Barack Obama still has a couple of months to see if Hillary weathers this storm or if he will indict her and clear the decks for Joe Biden to run.  The loser is Loretta Lynch who, by agreeing to meet, now finds herself with no path forward unless, of course, she sells her soul and enlists in the Clinton crime family.