Bill Clinton Contradicts Himself…Again

ELDER PATRIOT – One of the problems Bill and Hillary Clinton have is that they are longtime politicians.  The means that at one time or another they have pandered to every conceivable group and said everything to those audiences in pursuit of votes.  This may be bad for Hillary Clinton but it is good for Donald Trump.

Listen to Bill Clinton try to expand Hillary’s narrative that Trump is a racist.  This is the third video we’ve found this past month that shows Bill Clinton criticizing Trump for using words and advancing policies that he, himself, said when he was either running for president or addressing Congress:

Bhahaha. It’s almost as though Trump set a trap for ex-president and Bill walked right into it! Has Bill grown so feeble that he forgot how many times he invoked the exact same phrase or is he so arrogant that he thought it had been BleachBited from our memories?

While we’re on the subject of Trump’s values when it comes to the Black community who better to listen to than Jesse Jackson?

Yeah, we had to dig this up from 30 years ago because staunch Democrat Jesse Jackson has been lying low this electoral cycle lest he risk losing his seat at the Clinton’s table.

So, Trump was helping people of all races and all sexual orientations decades before he decided the country needed his leadership. I’ve always believed that integrity is how you conduct your business when no one is looking and Donald Trump passes this test with flying colors.

Trump’s willingness to single out subgroups within any and every demographic represents a much-needed rejection of political correctness, something that has destroyed our ability to identify and then fix our socio-economic problems. This is not racism it’s common sense.

Thank God Trump has had the courage to standup to the race-baiters, at great cost to his reputation, his company, and his safety, in defense of all Americans.