Bernie Sanders Jumped on the Clinton Cash Train and Threw His Supporters Overboard

ELDER PATRIOT – As the primary process wore on, Bernie Sanders had the opportunity to reshape the soul of the Democratic Party, as he had convinced members of his movement was the right and necessary thing to do.  As he headed towards the California primary still within striking distance of Hillary Clinton delegate total, Sanders decided it was time to cash in his chips.  His bargaining would come by offering the Clintons an opportunity to avoid revisiting a divisive critique of Mrs. Clinton and pursuing committee and floor battles over rules and credentials at the convention.  Sanders didn’t have the stomach for the fight and decided to approach the Clintons to see what they’d offer him to step aside.

So, two days before that showdown, he opted to shake the Clinton’s down for the promise of a personal jumbo airplane, a paid staff of forty assistants and only God knows what else.  Hat tip to Breitbart for their reporting on this Sanders memo, titled “End Game 2016” and addressed to “Bernie 2016” that was uncovered by BuzzFeed News.

“Request a plane and staff for a series of fall rallies in battleground states … plane would be paid for by the DNC,” was one of Sanders’ demands according the memo.

Sanders took the payoff and led his followers straight back to Hillary Clinton, the personification of the corporate insider, a person who has made over $100 million from selling the resources, assets and secrets of the people and their government after she had swore to protect and defend them.

On Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention over a thousand Sanders supporters walked out of the Wells Fargo Center and took to the streets of Philadelphia.  It was an act of defiance meant to send a message about the “fixed” proceedings that were going on inside the convention as well as the rigged delegate system that Hillary’s personal minion, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had overseen throughout the primary process. 

Bernie refused to join them, choosing to endorse Mrs. Clinton from the convention floor instead.  After a year of promising reforms to the growing corporate threat to everyday Americans’ economic freedoms, Sanders proved to be a complete phony and embraced the most entrenched corporatist in the race, for his private use of a plane among other things.  Trump was right, Bernie proved to be a lousy negotiator.  Worse, he proved to be another two-bit politician when the money was on the table.

Enter Jill Stein who had previously offered to step aside as the Green Party’s presidential candidate to make room for Sanders and his followers in order to grow the anti-Wall Street movement.  Sanders, now thirsting for the promise of Clinton Cash turned down Stein’s offer to lead her party’s ticket.

Then on Tuesday, Stein showed her brass when she ventured into a huge throng of protestors that included thousands of Sanders supporters mixed with hundreds of Black Lives Matters protestors that were congregating outside the Wells Fargo Center.  It was a potentially volatile mix of personalities but Stein took the path of leadership:

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Jill Stein may be as wrong as Bernie Sanders was on the best to combat corporate greed but at least she has, so far, refused to sellout for the Clinton’s money.

Only if the race between Clinton and Trump remains close, or a significant number of “Movement Leftists” start flocking to Jill Stein threatening Hillary’s support, will the Clinton money machine swing into action and will we learn if her integrity is for real.