Barry & Michelle Throw Creepy Joe Under The Bus … Refuse To Take His Back On Racism Charges [Opinion]

Elder Patriot| Joe Biden’s presidential hopes are tanking faster than a lead balloon on a windless day.

First the former vice president was savaged during the initial Democratic debate by California Senator Kamala Harris.  Biden had no answers for Harris’ racially based attack and was reduced to a mumbling mess. 

Biden, who had burst from the gate with a huge lead in the polls for the Democratic nomination, among potential voters desperate for a centrist candidate to go against President Trump, dropped at least 10-points in polls following the debate.

Biden’s handlers, seeking to quickly put a stop to the bleeding, arranged for the 76-year-old to sit for an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.  Cuomo is a Democrat friendly. What could go wrong?

Try everything.  The interview was a disaster with Biden displaying the signs of a man whose cognitive abilities are in decline.

But the worst blow to Biden was dealt by the man he faithfully served as vice president for eight years – Barack Obama.

Obama never once came to Biden’s defense after Kamala Harris’ attacked him for being racially insensitive.

Then yesterday, given another chance to say something nice about Biden, former First Lady Michelle Obama refused to get involved when moderator Gayle King questioned her Saturday about the “Kamala Harris-Joe Biden dustup”:

“I’ve been doing this rodeo far too long.  And no comment.”\

In fact, Michelle sounded more like a candidate in waiting… waiting to be drafted.

During his presidency, Obama tried to portray his relationship with Biden as one based on friendship and respect.  A true Bromance:

Don’t be fooled.  Obama was only a first term senator when he ran for president and there was always the feeling that he picked Biden as his running mate because creepy Joe was a buffoon who would make Obama look good by comparison.

An insurance policy if you will.

Obama did nothing to dispel that theory when Joe announced his candidacy for president and Obama left him high and dry and refused to endorse him.

Biden tried to explain Barack Obama’s non-endorsement of his campaign by saying that he asked Obama not to endorse him: 

Seriously Joe?

The polls say Joe is done. He’s fighting uphill against a party that has become increasingly radicalized.  

And, while he continues leading, in the most recent polls the far left candidates – Sanders, Waren, Harris, Buttigieg, O’Rourke, Booker, Castro – are grabbing 53-54% of the vote combined.

This does not bode well for an old white guy who will be two weeks removed from his 78th birthday and running for the center of a party that no longer exists.

At this point there’s a better chance that Michelle Obama will be on the ballot in 2020 than Joe Biden.