Bankruptcy Judge Slaps Restraining Order on Michael Avenatti: Legal Fees in 54 Cases are Frozen

Elder Patriot – Judge Catherine Bauer of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Santa Ana slapped a restraining order on Michael Avenatti and any companies he is affiliated with from spending any fees it collects while more than $10 million in unpaid debts and taxes remain unpaid.

You will recall that Avenatti is a modern day Ron Jeremy.  He rode porn star Stormy Daniels to fame in an epic fail to take down President Trump.

Avenatti’s personal finances are a mess and have been for some time.  Worse, he misrepresented his intentions to meet a payment schedule to an earlier bankruptcy court.

Only months ago in March, his firm Eagan Avenatti had been granted bankruptcy protection after reaching agreement with its creditors, a plan Avenatti apparently had no intention of fulfilling.

Within two months Avenatti missed the agreed upon May deadline to the IRS that would’ve cleared $440,291 in back taxes, penalties, and interest.  

That was small potatoes compared to the $2 million payment Avenatti had personally guaranteed to Jason Frank, an attorney who used to work at Eagan Avenatti.

Frank sued claiming he was owed more than $15 million and was awarded a $10 million judgement by the court.

That $10 million was the reason why Judge Bauer ordered Avenatti’s assets to be frozen.  Including Eagan Avenatti, Avenatti’s aliases for the purposes of this order include Avenatti and Associates, Eagan and Avenatti.

The restraining order specifically requires any payments made to Eagan Avenatti, Avenatti and Associates, Avenatti personally or Eagan personally, or any other entity that may be under Avenati’s or Eagan’s control be made known by official notification to the IRS, Jason Frank, and all other creditors every time any legal fees are been received in any of the 54 cases covered under this order.

The fact that Michael Avenatti deliberately lied to the court shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who followed the self-serving way he handled porn star Stormy Daniels’ case in what was a blatant effort to curry favor with, and personally benefit by, becoming a protected member of the Trump resistance.

Schadenfreude for another lowlife provided courtesy of the same patriot law firm working to save free speech on the internet by representing Prager v Youtube, Eric George’s BGR.