Bad News – The Vote Will be Rigged. Good News – You Can Do Something About It

ELDER PATRIOT – Even as Mrs. Clinton has fallen behind in the same polls that her minions from the mainstream corporate media conduct and tout, she is busy preparing her transition team and planning a massively expensive inauguration ceremony.

Some may think this is arrogance on her part but it’s not.  It’s reflective of her confidence in the ability to rig voting machines on a massive scale that her campaign has invested heavily in.

Bev Harris of Black Box Voting shows how easy it is for an experienced programmer – in this case Bennie Smith – with access to the network to change the results of an election without anyone knowing or being able to detect it has happened.

The process uses a fractional counting methodology to alter the vote totals and arrive at pre-determined totals for each candidate through the use of a software patch called the gems program.

When Ms. Harris first discovered the gems program it was installed and counting votes in 25 states and 616 jurisdictions.  She has now uncovered evidence that fractional counting has migrated from the gems program exclusively into other vendors voting systems which count votes as fractions and may count as many as ninety-nine percent of all American votes in the 2016 election.

There are some things we can do to protect our vote but it’s not as simple as we would like it to be.  It requires a degree of vigilance and a little effort on your part.

Voting machines are required to take pictures of every ballot.  Ask for a copy after you vote.

Also, you can observe and document the central tabulator at your county elections office by making a video recording of what you’re seeing.

Remember, the precinct voting machine you vote on should print a results page.  Ask to see it and compare it to how you voted.

We can no longer trust those in control of the levers of power to protect us.  The establishment has betrayed us too many times in the past for us to trust them with our votes now.  It’s up to you to protect the integrity of your vote.