Bad Day for Dems III: Democrats Evoke the Wrath of Americans By Rejecting Trump’s Call to Help Him Make America Great Again

ELDER PATRIOT – We chronicled the horrible day the Democrats had yesterday in two previous articles but nothing they did damaged their party’s brand as much as their demeaning behavior during President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress that ended the day.

President Trump’s speech was truly one of the great speeches ever delivered before this body.  It was made more significant because there’s every reason to believe the man delivering the message, unlike the career politicians of the past, has every intention of turning his words into reality.

While Trump was delivering a message of unity, hope and vision for the country the Democrats, that the president repeated asked for their input and help in crafting legislation, refused to acknowledge both the challenges and strategies that the president laid out.

Trump’s declaration that Obamacare has been a disaster is 100% accurate.  Obama resorted to illegally diverting federal funds from at least two other government program to keep it going until he left office and its financial burden became the property of his successor.

Trump’s call to repeal and replace should’ve been viewed as a victory for the Democrats if their goal is truly to provide affordable healthcare to their constituents.  But that has never been their goal that is why they sat on their hands refusing to salute the president as they realized that the government’s control over one-sixth of the American economy would soon come to an end.

When President Trump spoke of rebuilding the decaying urban landscape, and by doing that providing Blacks with the potential for truly better lives that include real employment opportunities, safe neighborhoods, and improved schools for their children, the Democrats again sat on their hands. 

What part of that did Democrats find unacceptable?  Answer: the fact that they know Trump actually means it!  And, that would relegate the Democratic Party to minority status for the foreseeable future.

When President Trump called for across the board tax cuts and a fairer tax code for everyone the Democrats seethed silently, a clear sign that they view taxes as the means by which they exercise control over you and they saw that control slipping away.

As Trump’s message resonated with Americans across the country, Democrats repeatedly refused to show their approval for almost anything that he said.

The Democrats’ seething hatred for virtually every call to rekindle the promise our Founders placed within the grasp of every American was evident throughout the president’s hour-long speech.

Instead of joining in applauding the president’s rousing message that a unified America has been and will again be unstoppable, and resolving to hold the president to make good on his promises to help their Democrat constituents, they sat and brooded like petulant children.

Overnight polling shows 80% of Americans solidly behind the President Trump’s policies as he articulated last night.  That the Democrats couldn’t, or refused to, recognize this, calls into question just who they think they were elected to represent.

Last night the Democrats, by their actions openly rejected the hopes of the vast majority of Americans who welcomed President Trump’s clearly articulated plan to make their country great again.