Backstabber ‘Broken Promises’ Lindsey Graham Threatens to Become “Trump’s Worst Nightmare”

US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has always been a brownnoser.  He pretty much made what bones he has by hitching his wagon to John McCain, the former Arizona senator, Republican presidential nominee, and War Hawk.

And, because McCain hated Donald Trump, Graham dutifully trashed candidate Trump believing he was defending the honor of his idol and protector:

Then Trump won Graham’s home state of South Carolina by a whopping 14-point margin.

After Donald Trump was elected president, and McCain was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer, Graham quickly read the political tea leaves and found another home to plant his nose. 

Since Graham replaced Charles Grassley (R-IA) as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee in January, he’s given us nothing but empty promises to investigate the investigators who tied our country in knots trying to link Trump to a collusion scheme with Russia. 

With his own re-election coming up in 2020, why hasn’t he done more in the nine months he’s had the authority to conduct his promised investigation?  

After all, there’s mounting evidence of Hillary’s campaign and the DNC colluding with Ukraine to influence the 2016 election in her favor.  Wouldn’t proving Democrats were guilty of the same thing they accused Trump of doing be a huge feather in his cap?

And why in the world would a seasoned politician like Graham go so far as to warn the president that he would become “President Trump’s worst nightmare”? 

While Graham was referring to an unrelated issue, threatening Trump if he didn’t reverse the Syrian troop withdrawal, statements like that during an election year is generally regarded as a declaration of war.

And why has Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stood mute while Graham frittered away the opportunity to counter the Pelosi impeachment inquiry with one of his own?

Consider this possibility raised by investigative reporter Paul Sperry:

Whatever comes from the investigation into Ukraine’s role in the 2016 election, there’s a reason Lindsey Graham doesn’t want you to know about it.