Autocrat Adam Schiff Moves Against The Office of Director of National Intelligence

From his throne atop the House Intelligence Committee, authoritarian Adam Schiff is moving to take control over the intelligence community at the same time China is poisoning U.S. citizens.

According to Grenell, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff sent a letter to the media and then copied acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell.

According to intelligence officials, letters sent to ODNI by the Senate Intelligence Committee always include signatures from both parties, Chairman Richard Burr and Ranking Member Mark Warner, in a bipartisan display.. 

Schiff’s letter was signed solely by him, lacking even the notarization of Ranking Member Devin Nunes.

Needless to say, staff members at the ODNI are expressing disgust with authoritarian Schiff’s endless abuse of his position.

“The [ODNI] staffers are so sick and tired of [Schiff] politicizing the intelligence community for his own gain. Notice how he sent the letter to the media before he sent it to ODNI.”  ODNI Official Speaking on Condition of Remaining Anonymous

You can read Schiff’s letter here.

Schiff is clearly worried that Grenell’s efforts to reorganize the ODNI and replace the remaining Obama #resistance holdovers with legitimate national security personnel will neuter his ability to exercise control over the anti-Trump media narrative… #RussianCollusion, #UkraineQuidProQuo, #Obstructionand now, #It’sNotAChinaVirus.