As Reality Sets In The Discussion Begins … When Does the Cost of Preventing China Virus Become Secondary to the Damage Being Done to the Economy

Just before midnight last night President Trump tweeted:

The president is faced with balancing his desire to limit the spread of the China virus versus an economic armageddon that has the potential to leave as many people dead and everyone else financially devastated.

Callous?  Maybe… but then, so was the decision to overwhelm the beaches of Normandy with American forces knowing the casualties would be unthinkably severe.

President Trump is signalling that at the conclusion of his request for Americans to sequester themselves for 15-days in order to limit exposure and spread of infection, a decision on the economy must enter his calculations.

The president knows that there’s nothing to be gained from killing the cancer if the patient dies from the treatment.

The current fifteen-day effort by Americans to curb the spread of the virus began last Monday.  That means we can expect President Trump to correct course by early next week… if he believes it’s warranted.

Where we find ourselves at that time will hinge to a great degree on today’s vote in the Senate where President Trump and his economic team had negotiated a bi-partisan bailout for America’s struggling families and an economic stimulus for small businesses… until Pelosi helicoptered in from recess and convinced Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to tank the agreement.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves about the Wicked Witch of the West, whether by a pre-negotiated agreement or not, Pelosi is China’s best representative in Congress.

One thing cannot be denied, both Pelosi and China have a shared hatred of Donald Trump and want him gone so they can resume their unholy alliance

… China enriches our politicians by funneling money through K-Street and in return they continue getting our jobs, our technology, and our intellectual property.  

The destruction of the U.S. economy would make Donald Trump’s reelection far less certain.  Again, something China and Pelosi have as a common goal.

It’s an inescapable fact that China developed the virus and allowed it to incubate while keeping other countries in the dark about its potential to morph into a pandemic. And that Pelosi is exploiting it to inflict maximum political damage on President Trump.  

People who are suffering will decide for themselves what they are watching unfold in Congress.