AOC Warns Dem Establishment: Get on Board or Get Out of the Way. “We’re in Charge” Now.

Elder Patriot | Democrats have only themselves to blame for the power they’ve ceded to upstart congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  

As they grew into aging relics they refused to step aside for younger replacements.  They largely took for granted districts where they often ran unopposed, leaving them vulnerable against young and charismatic challengers – challengers that, in their own overconfidence, they didn’t vet.

Now the Democratic Party establishment is getting their comeuppance.

It’s hard to believe that six months ago, the twenty-nine-year-old Ocasio-Cortez was waiting tables, and that today she is wielding massive power among Congressional Democrats.

Young and energetic, AOC as she is referred to, was willing to walk her district pressing the flesh where the old-guard Democrat representative, the fourth most powerful Democrat in the House, was content to rest on his laurels.

Now he’s sitting home while AOC has taken Washington by storm and laying notice that she’s going to seize control of the Democratic Party the same way she seized control of her district – by bringing her message, no matter how economically illiterate it may be, directly to the people.

She is successful because where she spews nonsense, she covers it with her brash, if unfounded, certainty.

On Friday, AOC brashly claimed that the Democratic Party establishment was now second fiddle to supporters of the socialist Green New Deal.  After less than two months in office, AOC laid claim to being “in charge.”

“If you don’t like the #GreenNewDeal, then come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis.”

Fresh off her successful destruction of Amazon’s proposed massive investment along the Queens waterfront that projected to create 25,000 new jobs, AOC took to twitter to gloat.

While voters in her district might’ve been impressed by her ability to get things done, Democrat Carolyn Maloney, whose district Amazon was making the massive financial commitment in, was furious:

Now here’s Morning Joe and Donny Douche commiserating over the so-called centrist wing of their party having lost all control over their children:

And, just like the petrified adults in this episode of the Twilight Zone, Democrats with hopes of retaining their seats in 2020 are lining up to support AOC, lest they too be jettisoned to the cornfield:

As Ocasio-Cortez eats her way through what’s left of the Democratic Party, we have one question for rank and file Democrats who are finding themselves disenfranchised from the party they once called theirs; do you think that Donald Trump would have made the Amazon project happen?