Antifa Exposed. Comey Exposed. Russia Exposed. China Exposed. Trump Defies Deep State: Survives Relentless Attacks to Expose Corruption and Lies

Elder Patriot – No one could’ve anticipated just how entrenched and underhanded the Deep State actually is.  That didn’t prevent Donald Trump from turning his back on his multi-billion dollar empire and the cushy lifestyle it afforded him to MAGA.

Trump is a true patriot and, like our Founding Fathers, has shown himself to have a steel spine when it comes to standing up to tyrants.

In just the past 24 hours Trump’s steadfast assertions, in the wake of many months of relentless attacks from the mainstream media and establishment politicians, have proven to be true in the cases of Antifa and fired F.B.I. director James Comey.

Antifa has been designated as domestic terrorists by both, the F.B.I. as well as the Department of Homeland Security for their violent anarchistic actions in shutting down those they determine to be their political enemies.

This means the unhinged news reporting for the two weeks following Charlottesville was completely unfounded something we realized and reported on immediately following the staged confrontation.  In retrospect, Trump’s comments in the immediate aftermath of the riot were absolutely spot on.

And, Senators Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham have presented evidence that James Comey was in the tank for Hillary Clinton having written his exoneration of her months before concluding the F.B.I.’s investigation and before interviewing Clinton or her 17 closest advisors.

This makes Trump’s decision to fire the corrupt Comey the correct decision.  If anyone was guilty of obstruction we now know it was Comey and not President Trump.

Russia – as far as President Trump is concerned – is a dead issue.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller has moved on though he may be trying to find a way to save Clinton and Obama from their illegal involvements with Putin.

As for China, their unwillingness to reign in their North Korean surrogates has been exposed by Trump’s hard line position with the rogue NoKo regime.

Because of the way Trump first welcomed the Chinese president and then openly engaged China in helping reign in N. Korea, Americans can now see for themselves that China is not a trustworthy partner even though the Washington establishment wants us to believe they are.  Trump understands the threat that China’s theft of intellectual property, military buildup, and immense trade imbalance represents to our economy and to our national security.

The Globalists are being routed and it’s all due to the steel spine and brass cojones of a single man – President Donald Trump.  A lesser man would’ve been gone by now.

Just ask a much lesser man Michael Moron who predicted Trump was going to resign under the stress many months ago.

The mainstream media is back-pedaling in every direction with these developments finally positioning Trump to move his agenda or to steamroll those establishment pols that continue defending the globalist’s agenda.