Anti-Trump Senator Busted For Soliciting Campaign Cash From Russia

ELDER PATRIOT – An eight-year old bombshell revelation about the establishment media’s favorite Republican senator just came to light.

In reviewing some past reporting on Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nation, after he died suddenly on Monday while in New York we came across a report from Reuters that the Arizona senator had solicited Russia’s U.N. Ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, to contribute anywhere from $35 to $5,000 for his 2008 failed presidential campaign.

Churkin is the fourth senior Russian diplomat to die suddenly in the past few months.  Perhaps Trump was right when he responded to Bill O’Reilly’s assertion that Putin was a killer by saying, “There are a lot of killers, a lot of killers.  What, you think our country is so innocent?”

McCain’s excuse for sending the letter was as lame as his senate record claiming there was a mix-up with his office’s mailing list.  Uh… the letter soliciting the contribution was delivered to the Russian mission in New York.

This forced Churkin to follow diplomatic guidelines and fire off this response.

So, let’s get this straight, McCain floats a story to the CIA that Donald Trump is a Russian agent of one sort or another that so far has proven to have no facts in support of it, but while he was running for president he brazenly solicited the Russian government for their financial help.

McCain is well aware that the law makes it illegal for U.S. presidential candidates to accept funds from foreign sources but it didn’t stop him.

What kind of man shakes down a foreign government for illegal campaign donations and then wants to start a war with them after they refuse to break the law?

What kind of a man stands by silently as the Secretary of State authorizes the sale of 20% of his country’s weapons grade uranium to a country that he considers the greatest threat to world peace?

Why did McCain use opaque parliamentary procedure to allow him to avoid voting, but that gave then president Obama the authority to enter into the Iran nuclear treaty without senate approval? 

John McCain is not the patriot he wants us to believe he is.  That goes a long way towards explaining his Democrat-like opposition to President Trump’s America First agenda.