Anti-Trump Resistance Member Goes Postal – Mass Shooting Leaves 4 Dead, 11 Injured

Elder Patriot – Thank you Maxine Waters.  For those who don’t know she’s the foul-mouthed vile Congresswoman who openly called for violence against Trump supporters.

Yesterday 24-year-old David Katz went on a shooting rampage after losing a video game tournament.  The deranged man left 4 dead and 11 others hospitalized before he killed himself.

Thanks to Mike Cernovich;

and, Ian Miles Cheong:

we know that Katz hated President Trump and considered the president’s supporters retarded.

Was he influenced by Maxine Waters?  We will never know. But, here is something we do know thanks to Breitbart obtaining a document detailing Democrats plans if they win the House in November:

“And Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), a leading voice for impeachment of the president, is slated to become House Financial Services Committee chairwoman.”

We have already witnessed the decline of our social order thanks, in large part, to the left’s divisive policies.

Americans should think long and hard about giving this foul-mouthed bitch control over anything let alone the leadership position of an important committee.  Yet they’ll do this unwittingly by electing Democrats and handing the House to Trump’s sworn enemies.

If Waters is content with inciting the type of carnage that took place yesterday, imagine the damage she will wreak over our financial system?

Let David Katz’s rampage stand as a warning that we do not want to turn back the clock on the advances President Trump has helped us achieve.