Anti-Trump “Resistance” Groups Are Really Marxists Rioting to Delegitimize The U.S.

ELDER PATRIOT – It can now be said with certainty that Marxist operatives, who are intent on bringing down the entire United States government, and not just Donald Trump, are leading the anti-Trump resistance movement.

Two of these groups are Refuse Fascism and the Workers World Party.  Both are heavily funded by George Soros, along with several large corporations and a labor union through the Alliance for Global Justice that serves as the funding agent for these communist front groups.

These groups are using opposition to Trump not just to organize the overthrow of the Trump administration, but as a platform to delegitimize the entire Untied States government in the eyes of the world.

Workers World magazine is propagandizing the North Korean nuclear threat to their relatively defenseless neighbors in South Korea, Singapore, and Japan as the result of the United States bullying military aggression against a far smaller country. 

Workers World is an acknowledged Marxist agit prop organization.

The single issue their name implies motivates neither group.  They show up at every anarchist rally, no matter the cause, from one end of the country to the other.

Both Workers’ World Party and Refuse Fascism have used the anti-Trump “resistance” to hide their real goal of destabilizing, delegitimizing and eventually overthrowing the United States government.  Both groups are guilty of staging riots and attacking innocent bystanders to advance their “by any means necessary” agenda.

Like Workers World, Refuse Fascism’s stated intention is to drive the Trump-Pence administration from office by any means possible.

Internal documents obtained by Peter Hasson at the Daily Caller that came from a Refuse Fascism conference reveal that Refuse Fascim’s plan is to impede the “ability to govern” of “those in power” and make America’s leaders “lose respect and legitimacy in the eyes of people here and internationally.”  The group emphasizes that costing America’s leaders “international legitimacy” is key because it “is a very critical calculation for the rulers of this country.”

In July, Refuse Fascism issued a statement to, “Stop thinking like an American.   Start thinking about humanity.”  That was Karl Marx’s siren song to the useful idiots who chose to follow him into poverty and, for many, their own annihilation.

Both groups are using the media’s coverage of North Korean aggression to discredit the mainstream media.

They are blaming the rogue North Korean regime’s unconscionable threats to their neighbors on us.  For what, standing by for more than two decades, through three administrations, letting North Korea grow into the monster that it has now become?

Refuse Fascism blamed the media’s “lies and distortion” for portraying North Korea in a negative light.

In February of 2016, well before Trump secured the Republican nomination, and at a time when Hillary Clinton was the sure-shot choice for president, Workers World published this on its website:

“The entire web of the capitalist-owned press and electronic media that marches in lockstep, assuming that everyone will automatically believe their endless hostility against the DPRK.”

The only reason either group can be defending North Korea is their mutual embrace of Marxism.

Both groups point to the millions who will die if a conflict does break out as a reason to keep hands off North Korea.

Unfortunately, there is no reasonable way to disengage from the threat that North Korea poses as a rogue nuclear power.  It’s a nightmare scenario that likely has no happy ending unless China intervenes.

But, China has no intentions of doing that because they are benefitting from the distraction this is providing from their trade imbalance, theft of our intellectual property, et al, that President Trump has promised to address.

If the predictions coming to us are correct, millions of innocent people will die in the initial fighting.  That may be unavoidable.  The question that must be addressed before shrinking from today’s threat is how many millions more will die if we wait and let North Korea – and its sponsor China – dictate the terms of engagement?

Neville Chamberlain feared unnecessary civilian deaths and refused to engage Adolph Hitler militarily as a result.  By the time the world realized what they were facing sixty million people were dead.

The states are even high – much higher – today.

Thankfully, Americans have awakened to the Soros sponsored threats and are demanding that “George Soros and all of his organizations and staff members be [declared] domestic terrorists, and have all of his personal and organizations wealth and assets seized under Civil Asset Forfeiture law.”