Putin: “Have You All Lost Your Senses Over There?” The Answer: For President Trump it’s Far Worse Than That

ELDER PATRIOT – When it comes to Russian interference in the last presidential election and its ongoing influence over the Trump administration it appears that, at least for the American Left, the answer is a resounding YES.

During his interview with Megyn Kelly Russian President Vladimir Putin stated his view of the Left’s contention that Russian now has their puppet in the White House:

“For me, this is just amazing. You created a sensation out of nothing. And out of this sensation, you turned it into a weapon of war against the current president. Well, this is, you know, you’re just… you people are so creative over there. Good job. Your lives must be boring.”

Whether you trust him or not, Putin is right on this.

Take the current conspiracy du jour that, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner’s has deep ties to Russia and had tried opening a backchannel to the Kremlin with nefarious intent.

The Leftist propaganda machine has turning itself into pretzels trying to make this argument against Kushner.

For those of us who actually pay attention to these things, the ultra Leftwing Washington Post printed an article co-authored by its White House Bureau Chief, its Mexican bureau chief, and its chief White House correspondent on February 9th of this year, titled “Jared Kushner proves to be a shadow diplomat on U.S.-Mexico talks.”

The article is largely complimentary of Kushner and praises his efforts to broker deals with foreign countries away from the heated political spotlight surrounding President Trump. 

In this instance Mexican diplomat, Luis Videgaray, and Kushner had met with President Trump.  Here is WaPo’s reporting about that February meeting:

“The trio arrived at a compromise, according to a half-dozen U.S. and Mexican officials who detailed the encounter. Trump, understanding that Mexicans would hang on his every word, agreed to state that a strong Mexico was in the best interests of the United States. In Mexico City that afternoon, Jan. 25, officials welcomed Trump’s remarks as the most encouraging statement he had given to date about Mexico — and they celebrated Kushner as a moderating influence.”

So, in WaPo’s February story the authors characterized Kushner’s backchannel communications with, not just Mexico but also, a number of other nations as a good thing because he served a moderating influence on his father-in-law.

Fast forward to May 26th when the WaPo suddenly reversed course on Kushner’s backchannel successes, at least when it came to Russia.  In an article written by its three national security reporters under the headline, Russian ambassador told Moscow that Kushner wanted secret communications channel with Kremlin,” the authors cast Kushner’s outreach to Russia as an attempt to breach national security.

The WaPo’s May 26th narrative falls apart under scrutiny on a number of fronts:

  • Fox News reported that a one-off single call backchannel had been suggested by Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to discuss our countries’ mutual interests in Syria and about ISIS.
  • According to Fox, no permanent backchannel had been discussed.
  • The White House wasn’t hiding anything having publicly explained in March that Kushner’s December meeting with Kislyak was to explore whether improved relations between the two nuclear powers could be achieved – at least with regard to the Middle East, the region “Kushner has been deputized to take the lead on.”
  • Despite never-ending breathless claims of Russian hacking into the DNC server, no agency of the intelligence community has every examined that server.

In order to advance the new, false narrative the WaPo claimed to have a letter that even they admit they have no idea who wrote it.  They have no way of knowing whether the letter is a product of Russian mischief or if it had been the product of a Clinton loyalist.  It’s worth less than toilet paper.

Consider this as well.  If Kislyak and Kushner discussed establishing a backchannel in December that means one didn’t exist during the campaign further debunking the now discredited “Russia colluded with the Trump campaign to defeat Hillary” narrative relies on.

So why the nothing burger conspiracy aimed at Kushner?

For the answer to that question you’ll have to ask the Washington Post but it is hard to ignore that when the WaPo turned on Kushner in late May, the “Russia Gate” narrative had largely collapsed as multiple intelligence heads had been forced to grudgingly admit that there was nothing to it.

There, however, is a conspiracy theory that actually is underpinned by established facts and that is crying to be investigated.

Here are the facts:

  • No Democrat and almost no Republican in leadership wanted Trump anywhere near the White House.
  • Unless something significant is uncovered soon it’s fair to conclude the fruitless investigation in Russia-Trump was the intelligence community making good on Chuck Schumer’s warning to Trump to get in line or face their wrath.
  • Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post that he bought for $300 million.
  • The CIA committed $600 million to Amazon for web services.
  • Jeff Bezos owns Amazon.
  • The CIA has a long history of controlling key members of the mainstream media.
  • When he was a candidate Trump he, as well as members of his campaign team, were under illegal surveillance, by the intelligence community, in violation of the Fourth Amendment dwarfing any damning evidence that came out of Watergate.  Why?  What did they fear about Trump.”
  • Congress, working with past presidents, has indebted Americans beyond anything that can be repaid.
  • Donald Trump promised to “Drain the Swamp.”

Now for the prospective conspiracy if you haven’t already connected the dots on your own:

Donald Trump is the victim of an attempt to stall and neuter his presidency by the Deep State because he threatened to end the most lucrative con game ever conceived that steals the peoples’ money through unholy tax schemes.  And, what they can’t steal through taxation, they steal through unholy borrowing from a private bank.

Here’s one thing that is inarguable, there’s a whole lot more to the latter theory than the Russian nothing burger. 

Choose your conspiracy.