Another Clinton Accuser Vanishes

Elder Patriot – Joseph Mifsud has disappeared.  The Maltese academic vanished from a private university in Rome where he was an instructor.

Mifsud was rumored to have approached Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos claiming he had dirt on Hillary Clinton that came from the highest levels in the Kremlin. 

While Mifsud claimed never to have made such as assertion, he is referred to as “Foreign Contact 1” in the affidavit that Papadopoulos gave to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Papadopoulos swore that Mifsud had told him in April 2016 that the Russians had “thousands of emails” relating to Hillary Clinton.

Papadopoulos’ account runs counter to Julian Assange’s assertion that Russia had nothing to do with their leaks.  Of course, Hillary Clinton’s reckless disregard for the handling of her emails doesn’t preclude the prospect that half the world was rummaging around her server at one time or another.  It’s beginning to seem that everyone knows what’s in her emails except the American people.

Papadopoulos’ claimed relationship with Mifsud should be viewed with a jaundiced eye.  Papadopoulos became a low level volunteer to the Trump campaign around March 21st.  Only days later Papadopoulos wrote to colleagues on the Trump team that he “had just finished a very productive lunch with a good friend of mine… who introduced me to both Putin’s niece and the Russian ambassador.” 

For this to have happened we have to believe that a thirty-year old nobody somehow arranged a meeting with high level Russian operatives within hours of joining the campaign.  That doesn’t pass the smell test.

We have since learned Papadopoulos’ “good friend” was Mifsud and “Putin’s niece” turned out to be one of Mifud’s students.  It appears that Mifsud played the inexperienced and gullible Papadopoulos who was blinded by his own misplaced self-importance.

That leads us to suspect that Mifsud might’ve been working with the Clinton campaign to lay a trap for members of the Trump campaign by enticing them into meeting with Russians.  From there Clinton’s friends in the mainstream media could discredit Trump and his associates.

Subsequent revelations show that Trump refused any such meetings but that still didn’t stop the mainstream media from running the Russian collusion story.

Many of the people who have had evidence against Hillary Clinton have suffered unusual accidents that resulted in their deaths.  The term Arkancide became part of the Clinton vernacular.  Mifsud’s disappearance strongly suggests he has a story to tell that Clinton doesn’t want heard.

It is clear Mifsud was the intermediary who tried ensnaring Trump’s associates in a Russian collusion scam.  Without Mifsud’s testimony we’ll never be know who put him up to this. 

And, now that he has vanished it’s unlikely we’ll ever know the depths of Hillary’s depravity.