Another Billionaire Jerk*ff Endorses Hillary

ELDER PATRIOT – Mark Cuban was in Pittsburgh Saturday to speak at a Hillary Clinton rally.  The billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks used his platform to call Donald Trump a “jerk*ff.”

Laughably, Cuban then said, “Leadership is not yelling and screaming.” Maybe not, but apparently for this intellectual midget using profanity is fine.

Cuban is another example of the highbrow intellectuals that surround Hillary Clinton.  You know, like the mother of Michael Brown whose was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the Democratic National Convention for raising the delinquent miscreant whose claim to fame was attacking a cop and setting off riots in Ferguson and Baltimore.

Cuban has shown his proficiency at leftwing bomb throwing in the past.  Only last week Cuban went on a Twitter tirade focused on discrediting claims about the Clinton Foundation and its pay-to-play scheme with Russia.

The billionaire relied on a bogus fact-check article that appeared on the far-left blog Media Matters that questioned the veracity of Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash. In the meticulously researched book Schweizer exposes numerous instances of influence peddling by Hillary when she was Secretary of State working in concert with her hubby Bill Clinton, and with the Clinton Foundation serving as the conduit for the payoffs.


Schweizer immediately challenged Mark Cuban to debate him on the facts.  Since Schweizer’s challenge Cuban has been strangely silent on the subject.  Why would the big-mouthed Cuban hide from Schweizer if he had the facts on his side?

There’s something about the Clinton Foundation that the Democrats and the Clinton campaign are avoiding.  At Mrs. Clinton’s recently concluded four-day coronation where there wasn’t a single mention of the Clinton Foundation.  Shouldn’t a global initiative that has raised $2 billion to cure the world’s ills be openly celebrated, especially when hubby Bill spent 45 minutes extolling Hillary’s life of service?

All of this raises the question, does Mark Cuban even stop to think before he opens his mouth? Or, is Mr. Cuban just another billionaire jerk*ff looking only to protect his personal gravy train?