Another Activist Judge Cements Obama’s Legacy: Defies the President’s Clearly Delineated Constitutional Mandate to Protect our Borders From Invaders

Elder Patriot – The Manchurian president that was continues poisoning America through his seditious judicial appointments.

Late last night, U.S. District Judge Jon Steven Tigar stuck a dagger in President Trump’s attempt to salvage what is left of our national sovereignty

The radical left-wing activist judge issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the Trump administration’s modified emergency asylum policy which barred migrants who enter the country illegally from applying for asylum.

We’ve been through challenges to the president’s Article II powers over border enforcement too many times over the past two years, only to have those powers confirmed as absolute by higher courts, for Tigar’s actions to be viewed as anything other than an attempt to slow (#theResistance) the president’s ability to stop the invasion of migrants who appear to be intent on breaking existing U.S. law for entering our country illegally.

The decision to issue a TRO by Judge Tigar flies in the face of judicial logic, as well.  If his ruling were to be upheld it would remove the distinction between those applicants who apply through the legal process and those who don’t.

A judge’s responsibility is to interpret the laws equitably.  It’s becoming clear that is no longer the case. Obama’s appointments have left the federal judiciary so politicized that the law is now applied according to party affiliation.

Obama has left behind kangaroo courts where only progressives who seek to defy the written words within the U.S. Constitution can prevail.

Every American should be alarmed by the eventual consequences of this because when we stop demanding fealty to the Constitutionally mandated division of government – and the balance of power that gives the people a voice through their elected officials – we cease being a Republic representative of the people.

As we watch the electoral shenanigans and misfeasance of officials supervising elections across the country, aided political hacks masquerading as attorneys, and activist judges, we might conclude that is already the case.

What Obama’s sycophantic followers refuse to acknowledge, as they run around touting “victories” like these, is that they are ceding whatever power they once held over the government.

The Constitution provides for the impeachment of judges – there’s a word that’s been bandied around a lot since Donald Trump’s election.  Impeachment is the mechanism by which the people’s representatives can remove seditious officials and appointees.

It is the people’s only recourse against tyrannical courts short of resorting to our Second Amendment protections.

It’s past time to remove judges who consistently misapply the law to prevent the president from defending our national security.