Angel Mom Blasts Schumer For Posing With Furloughed Workers The Day After Refusing to Meet With Them

Thanks to the election of Donald Trump and his clearly delineated America First policy, you can now tell the “big government globalists” from the few D.C. politicians on the side of “We the People.”

Yesterday, “Angel Mom” Agnes Gibboney hammered Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for refusing to meet with her and other “Angel Families” on Tuesday and then staging a media event the next day at which Democrats, including Schumer posed with large poster/photos of furloughed workers.

Gibboney is a legal immigrant.  She appeared on a Facebook Live video where she declared that Democrats “bring attention to those missing a paycheck” but not “those missing a loved one.”

“Schumer wants the president to see the faces of those affected by the shutdown. Oh, my God. … When have Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi looked at our faces? … Never.”

The Angel Mom’s received the same treatment when they attempted to talk with Nancy Pelosi:

Angel Mom’s are not alone.  Democrats have been turning their backs on constituents almost as long as I can remember.  All the while telling them whatever they want them to hear at that moment:

It wasn’t very long ago that blue collar Americans were voting for Dems in huge numbers only to watch as their jobs were outsourced out from under them.

I’ll avoid discussing their treatment of different ethnic groups to avoid being labeled a racist.