Anarchist Judges Are a Threat to us All – Reports Released New Mexico Extremists Planned Terror Attack

Elder Patriot – It’s time to end the #Resistance at least as far as when it comes to government employees.  

We had to wait months following the decisions of anarchist judges before the Supreme Court restored Constitutional order to the immigration rulings of the rogue lower courts.  Our country was, and remains, less safe by those who entered the country during that time.

It had gotten so bad that one is led to question whether these rulings were intended to defend the wellbeing of Americans or some imagined “rights” of immigrants who might intend to harm us.

The most recent example of this insanity came when Judge Sarah Backus released five alleged terrorists who were holding 11 malnourished young boys in a desert compound.  

The body of a three-year-old, the son of one of the terrorists, was also found at the compound.

When the eleven boys were questioned by the FBI they claimed they were being trained to be school shooters.  

The 5 alleged terrorists Siraj Wahhaj, Hujrah Wahhaj, Subhannah Wahhaj, Jany Leveille, and Lucas Morten, were nevertheless released on what was essentially their own recognizance.  Fancy that.

But wait, this story gets worse.  Atlanta 2 WSB-TV’s Lauren Pozen has reviewed court documents that show at least two of the suspected terrorists had planned a terror attack on Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta.

Investigators say they learned about the plot from the 11 children who they rescued from the compound.

According to Pozen’s report:

The children told investigators that Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and his partner, Lany Leveille, intended to “confront corrupt institutions or individuals”.

Included in the documents are a 10-page hand-written document called “Phases of a Terrorist Attack”.

Prosecutors say Leveille “expressed his displeasure with Grady Hospital due to the treatment her mother received there.”

If, in the aftermath of the totally preventable Parkland massacre, federal authorities can’t convince a state court judge that known jihadists, running a school shooting camp, to keep these admitted threats to our children incarcerated, then something is terribly amiss.

NBC Journalist Gadi Schwartz filed the following video report after federal agents supposedly cleared and left the compound:

WAT??? The property owner visited the site and discovered tunnels, weapons and ammunition that were overlooked, or intentionally left behind, by the FBI.

These events defy any logical conclusion that the FBI and our court system is concerned with the safety of American citizens or our children.

But, with this added knowledge about an actual planned terror attack, we must ask the question – is this judge fit to sit on the bench, was the FBI deliberately not forceful or convincing enough in its pleadings, or both?

We elected Donald Trump to clean up this mess.  Why are Democrats blocking Trump’s judicial nominees and why isn’t Mitch McConnell ramming his appointments through the Senate?  Why is the FBI intent on destroying the Trump presidency?

Where are the patriots?