Americans Winning!!! Moore Crushes Establishment’s Strange Trumpism Continues Rising Swamp Begins Draining Itself

Elder Patriot – Last night’s landslide victory by Judge Roy Moore over Mitch McConnell’s handpicked establishment candidate Luther Strange is sending shockwaves through the D.C. Sewer System.

Despite spending at least $30 million in their attempt to turn back the rising nationalist tide that President Trump ushered in, Moore won easily with two simple messages – God is his guide and America First, always.

The much-maligned trio of Sarah Palin, Steve Bannon, and Sebastian Gorka helped lift Moore to his resounding victory.  The ripple effects were felt even before the polls closed when Tennessee Senator Bob Corker announced he would not be seeking reelection. 

Corker has been a reliable vote for McConnell’s globalist agenda and his association with Strange revealed some defamatory financial chicanery in an Alabama land deal.

The mainstream media has started painting this as a loss for Trump because the president had endorsed Strange under great pressure from McConnell, Corker and the Republican establishment.  We never believed that Trump’s endorsement was sincere but instead that it was only a political gambit.

Trump’s calculus was fairly transparent.  If Trump had openly supported Moore and McConnell’s cash tilted the election to Strange the president’s growing political clout would’ve been neutered.  Big money and the swamp would’ve won and the establishment would’ve been emboldened to believe that they could prevail in future primary battles by doing business as usual. 

This is why we believe that Trump’s endorsement of Strange on Friday night was so tepid. After all, no one knows better than President Trump that the establishment’s claim that Moore can’t win the general election because of his nationalist views is just another campaign lie.  That’s the same argument the swamp used to disparage Trump in its support of Jeb Bush.

Proof of this will come in the lead-up to the general election where Trump is certain to do more for Moore than make a single campaign appearance late in the game.

The fact is Trump got the senate candidate he wanted and McConnell was chastened in the process.

No matter how the MSM spins this, the winners and losers coming out of last night are clear.

The losers: 

  • Senate Majority Mitch McConnell who will now either pass Trump’s tax reform package and find a way to revisit and repeal Obamacare or be removed from leadership.
  • Bob Corker who folded like the cheap suit he’s always been
  • Paul Ryan who will either give up his Better Way undermining of President Trump and move the president’s agenda or find himself out of leadership and perhaps out of a job altogether
  • The globalist cabal whose money is proving to have less clout in elections.  Trump was outspent by Hillary and the PACs surrounding her by a multiple of three.  And now Moore who won spending only a fraction of what the establishment spent trying to push Strange across the finish line.
  • The mainstream media whose influence as propagandists in support of the corporate-globalist movement has been severely neutered.

The winners:

  • The American people who are awake to the threat of the corporatist-big government cabal that forms the basis of the New World Order.
  • Steve Bannon and Breitbart News whose steadfast commitment to Andrew Breitbart’s “freedom above all else” vision has become the dominant political force behind Trump and the America First nationalist movement.
  • The people of Alabama and of the United States who have a senator worthy of replacing Jeff Sessions who was, for a long time, the only voice of National Populism in the swamp.
  • President Trump who has one more reliable vote for his American First agenda who won’t have to have his arm twisted to support America First policies – not even some of the time.