Why Does an American President Putting Americans First Scare Them?

ELDER PATRIOT – Mark Levin is the latest neocon to remove his “conservative” cloak and to expose himself as a shill for international corporations and the move towards Globalist control of U.S. production.  There’s simply no other conclusion one can come to after reading his latest diatribes against Donald Trump’s stated willingness to impose tariffs on imported goods to address onerous trade imbalances.

Trump has stated his intention to balance trade deals that currently are so one-sided as to cause trade deficits that exceed $1 trillion annually.  For a country that will see our next president inherit a $20 trillion debt it would seem logical that protecting America’s industrial base and the workers it provides employment for should be a welcomed priority. 

But logic doesn’t enter into the list of concerns for neocons with megaphones who have come to learn that whatever message they parrot their listeners will accept and repeat.  Once they successfully floated the “Too big to fail” mantra immediately after the financial meltdown in order to justify turning the American worker into debtors in support of international corporations, they realized their power to convolute and influence future debates.  So it is with Levin’s strident opposition to Trump’s plan to correct our trade imbalance.

Levin’s argument is built on the premise that Trump’s call for placing tariffs on goods coming from other countries will result in higher prices for American consumers.  He conveniently ignores the fact that as an increasing number of Americans find themselves out of work or underemployed they cannot afford goods at any price.  Only working Americans have the ability to participate fully in the marketplace.

Levin is fixated on Trump’s call for a 45% tariff on certain countries that illegally manipulate their currencies to gain an edge with American consumers.

Even the staunchly anti-Trump Red State blog acknowledged as much when they wrote:

It seems pretty clear… that Trump is not calling for a 45% tariff specifically, he’s saying that this is basically what he figures that it would take to even out the playing field in terms of China’s devaluation of their currency… In other words, while Trump did utter the 45% figure, he seemed to be clearly using it as an example of how he would respond to a given value of Chinese currency devaluation. He did not claim it as an ironclad rule that should be used against China per se.”

He leaves his readers believing that will result in a 45% increase in the cost of the goods that they buy.  This is simply a lie by omission. 

American products do not cost 45% more than those of their foreign competitors.  They are marginally more expensive putting them at a tremendous disadvantage selling to consumers who suffer with dwindling buying power after decades of governmental abuse.

American companies are more than capable of competing against their foreign counterparts when their hands aren’t tied by onerous regulations and artificially inflated energy costs.  Trump has promised to address both of those problems as well.

Mark Levin has shown himself to be nothing more than another Neocon who cloaks himself in references to Ronald Reagan when it’s convenient but ignores the actions and lessons of Reagan when it is damaging to the argument he is making.

Levin writes that, Reagan did not make wholesale protectionism and tariffs a central plank of his platform…”   

This is in direct contradiction with a 1990 Cato Institute evaluation of Reagan’s trade policies: “Despite President Ronald Reagan’s free-trade speeches, the portion of U.S. trade subject to U.S. nontariff barriers is estimated to have increased more than 50 percent since 1980.”

Why then does Levin insist that when Trump follows the same path the result will be, “a sure job-killer that would also drive up costs of everyday products to low and middle-class Americans.  The net result: economic misery?” 

I have the deepest respect for Levin’s intelligence and that leaves his integrity in question.  Who does Mark Levin speak for?  It’s becoming clear that it’s not for America’s hard-pressed working class.  In fact, on this issue Levin has taken to unashamedly defending Hillary Clinton’s internationalist agenda.