America is in the Midst of a Constitutional Crisis

Elder Patriot – The mainstream media has, for the last year, been amplifying the Democrats’ claim that candidate and then President Trump’s collusion with Russia has caused a constitutional crisis.  Au contraire.  Trump’s election has exposed a constitutional crisis that had been taking root for more than half a century.

The existential threat that Trump’s campaign represented to the power bases of both political parties called for extreme action to defend the inroads their cabal had made in ending American democracy.

Trump’s election came only after a thoughtful politic had seen enough.  They had elected Republicans because they rejected the Marxism and global governance that Democrats were promoting.  What they got instead was Marxism and global governance.

In the effort to surrender America to global Marxism, Republicans told us that they simply needed more seats in Congress and that we should believe that their acquiescence to the Dems was due to the fecklessness that comes from not holding a filibuster-proof 60 votes in the Senate.

The ascendancy of Donald Trump disproved both their claims of fecklessness and the need for more seats.

We have never seen the Republican elite fight anyone as viciously as they fought against the election of Donald Trump and in the time since then.  When it came to fighting the will of the American people there was a noticeable lack of fecklessness.

Republicans lost seats in the House and Senate but because of Trump’s election their once conservative agenda has been fast-tracked by the new president’s commitment to the people rather than the gods of globalism.

That leaves us asking the question as to who these politicians have been answering to?  After all, good patriots don’t ante up tens of millions of dollars to run a campaign for senate that pays $174,000 annually for 6 years and then, when they get to Washington, vote for every interest other than those of their constituents.

The globalists’ takeover of the United States government had become so complete that they literally control our intelligence agencies.  And they used that control to target Donald Trump for destruction.

Try as they might these agencies have not found even a scintilla of evidence that Trump colluded with Russia.  That failure speaks loudly.

Their inability to tie Trump to Russia even slightly raises the question as to what the foundation was for appointing Robert Mueller in the first place?

Investigating a duly elected president without any prior evidence of criminal behavior to justify doing so, smacks of an attempted Deep State coup or, in the least, the attempt to seriously neuter him.

And that is the definition of a constitutional crisis.