America Finally Has Its Third Party President

ELDER PATRIOT – Much has been made of the hostile takeover that Donald Trump conducted to seize control of the Republican Party and that he used as a vessel to win the presidency of the United States.  But, make no mistake Trump is not a Republican.

Proof of this comes from the wholesale rejection of Trump by past Republican Presidents George H.W. Bush, George Bush and those who rose to party leadership including John McCain, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell.

Likewise, the party’s intelligentsia and commentariat resisted the Trump takeover claiming Trump was not their kind of conservative.  This group included such notable spokespersons as Brent Bozell, William Kristol, George Will, Rich Lowery and Jonah Goldberg.

Then there were the party’s neocon war hawks including Eliot Cohen, Max Boot, Peter Feaver, Robert Zoellick, Dov Zakheim, Kori Schake and Ralph Peters among many, many others that wanted anybody to be president rather than Donald Trump.

Likewise, the Democrats want nothing to do with Donald Trump.  The very suggestion by Donald Trump that he wants to open the door to prosperity to every American regardless of their ethnicity is contrary to the Democrats hopes to rebuild their now broken coalitions that will be necessary for future electoral success.

Donald Trump may have commandeered the Republican Party to use as his vehicle in seizing the presidency but he is no more a Republican than Jason Bourne’s commandeering of a police vehicle made him a cop.

Trump stands alone atop the political hierarchy beholden to very few and that includes no significant leaders of either political party.  This makes him the very essence of a third party success story but the media ignores this fact.  But, for what reason?

The mainstream corporate media is already tying him to the Republican Party as they start rebuilding the left-right paradigm that Trump ran roughshod over during the run up to his election.

The media elite will be relentless in advancing this narrative but the fact is Trump’s victory last night signaled a seismic shift in the direction of at least one political party – the one he now heads. 

In what can only be described as an unbelievable display of vision and personal intestinal fortitude Donald Trump ran against everyone – the Democrats, the biased and corrupt mainstream corporate media, and to a large degree the party he finally delivered victory to – and he won. 

And, he won convincingly exposing the mainstream media as being nothing more than political operatives.  This is something conservative icon Brent Bozell and his Media Research Center couldn’t do despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars over the past quarter century. 

Rather than shrink from the once powerful media and grovel before them like McCain and Romney did during the course of their campaigns, Trump knocked them from their high horses, punched the media squarely in their collective faces, challenged their integrity, and reduced them to a defeated and disrespected pile of bull dung.

Those who ignore the results of last night do so to their own detriment.  Trump has crafted a new political party that represents everyone who chases prosperity for themselves and their families, and is not afraid to work hard to achieve it.

No longer will hardworking union members find themselves supporting the same candidates as the helpless snowflakes now being churned out by our colleges.

No longer will liberal’s condescension to minorities be an effective political stimulus to rally voter support to the Democratic Party.  Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites working alongside each other and chasing their dreams as they each define them will result from the policies of the Party of Trump.

Trump will lead a party that cherishes hard work and rewards it.  Recalcitrant party members can either get in line or they can move along and start a new party.

That will leave the opposition parties to argue over social issues and other fringe nonsense.

The new political divide will perhaps be determined at the next Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission meetings but Trump will lead the worlds first Capitalist Workers Party for the foreseeable future.