As America Descends Into Anarchy Look Who Aided and Abetted the Anti-America Forces

Elder Patriot – The coalition that powers the left, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, George Soros, the mainstream media, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and radical Islamists are all aligned against America, her patriots, and Christian and Jewish believers.

All of these perverse, radical and subversive activists have strong connections to Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton through the flow of money that Democrats, Obama, and the Clintons control.

BLM leaders were frequent visitors to the White House thanks to the help of their Godmother, Valerie Jarrett.  At the Democratic National Convention where Hillary Clinton was coronated, BLM was given prime-time speaking slots every night.  No American flags were displayed at the DNC until the final night of the convention and then only in response to enormous criticism from the new media.

Obama and Hillary fed off of Soros’ et al, Silicon Valley’s, and Hollywood’s

money to spread their anti-American message and fund BLM, Antifa, and dozens of other groups that were in violation of existing laws and advocating radical change to deliver the United States to outside, globalist forces.

Of course, Hollywood’s willingness to support Clinton, and Obama may have been a defensive posture intended to elect persons who would protect the pedophiles and other sexual predators that dominate that community.

It’s no secret that Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior has been the norm among the entertainment elites since the beginning of time.  We will soon learn just how much worse it actually is.  Weinstein will look like a choirboy when the pedophilia charges start emerging.

The mainstream media and Silicon Valley have run the most aggressive misinformation and disinformation campaigns in world history to deliver America to global governmental control.

The MSM openly lies and creates false narratives against patriots who question the leftists’ takeover and, when they’re exposed they fabricate new lies and new narratives counting on their viewers’ and readers’ sycophantic embrace of ignorance: 

Besides funding the leftists’ attempts to bring Marxism to the Untied States, Silicon Valley uses their platforms to downgrade search results and to even outright censor the truth.  These tech powerhouses are leveraging their control over what Americans get to read and therefore what they think, in order to change the results of our elections.

Can you imagine if your wireless carrier limited the content of your discussions or if the U.S. mail restricted or censored delivery of conservative materials?  No because there are laws against that.  Obama, and a compliant Congress have chosen to turn their backs rather than confront this threat to the First Amendment.  It hasn’t been because of ignorance or by accident.

For Obama, the consolidation of financial strength in fewer major companies coupled with the diminishment of the entrepreneurial class was the first step to implementing Marxism on a global level.

For Clinton, the consolidation of this financial strength coupled with the presidency would’ve allowed for the greatest theft from the federal treasury ever imagined:

We need look no further than her corruption of the State Department for proof of this. 

Antifa is the latest and most violently radical of the many groups that Clinton, Obama and the entire Democratic Party have embraced and generously helped fund with taxpayers’ money and with huge endowments from George Soros and other billionaire donor to the Democracy Alliance.

These financial heavyweights, under the direction of Obama and Clinton have funded every radically anti-American group from, La Raza, Puente Human Rights Movement, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF,) the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC,) Black Lives Matter and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, to name just a few, while also giving directly to Hillary’s campaign through Super PACs Americans United for Change, Democracy Partners, and People For The American Way.

Obama’s Organizing For America (OFA) has 30,000 or more street activists currently taking direct orders from the ex-president in an act of political defiance (espionage) unimaginable only eight years ago.

Proof of Antifa’s connection with the Democratic Party surfaced in the aftermath of Charlottesville when it became apparent that high level Democrats with direct ties to Clinton and Obama actually orchestrated the confrontation in an attempt to discredit Trump supporters.

All of this is tied together by Obama and Clinton’s refusal to engage against ISIS on the battlefield in any meaningful way.  Both refuse to even acknowledge the threat that radical Islam poses to the citizens of the United States and insisted on importing levels of Islamic radicals that threaten the stability of our country.

In fact, there is sufficient evidence, thanks to the investigatory work of Judicial Watch, to conclude that Obama and Clinton were major contributors to the founding of ISIS.

There is overwhelming evidence of the Democrats’ anarchist plan to destroy and then remake America.  RINO’s who have the same access to this information that we do are equally complicit with their Democrat brethren. 

Never has our government been less beholden to the American people than it is today.  Rather than investigate the depth of the conspiracy to steal America and Americana from American patriots these forces of evil have banded together to attack the lone man who defends us.

Think about it, the entire basis for the Mueller witch-hunt is the word of a corrupt and discredited former FBI director who spent his entire term protecting this swamp rather than prosecuting it – much as Mueller did during his 12 years as FBI director.

Can you imagine that because as a candidate President Trump suggested finding common ground with Russia (one of the world’s nuclear superpowers) might be a good thing his enemies successfully convinced their useful idiot followers that he is a Russian agent without a single sliver of evidence.  By this standard so was Ronald Reagan who actually met with his Soviet counterpart and came to agreement on many major issues.

It’s inexplicable why those making these accusations about Trump view the actions of Obama and Clinton – directly funding the world’s leading financial backer of radical Islamic terrorism, Iran – is somehow okay and advances the safety of every day citizens.  Under Obama and Clinton two of the three charter members of the Axis of Evil are now, or within reach of being nuclear powers. 

The left’s anti-American subversion is beginning to crumble.  The chief propaganda arm of these anti-American operatives, the MSM is now held in contempt by far more people than people who still believe them. 

It won’t be too much longer before everything we were told we should believe about the Democrats, Obama, and Clinton will be shown to be lies and they will be exposed as the anti-American activists that Joe McCarthy was vilified for warning us about by the… mainstream media.

And, we owe all of this to the man who has exhibited the steely resolve in defense of America and Americana that we have always expected but rarely gotten from our president, President Donald Trump.