America Awakens!!!

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump may have been the candidate most vilified by the mainstream establishment media and the opposing political party in the history of the American republic.

That stands in stark contrast to Barack Obama who enjoyed unfettered adulation for everything he did no matter how deleterious it was to the majority of Americans or our standing in the world.

So while it should come as no surprise that Obama had an average approval rating of 58% during his two terms in office, the 59% approval rating for Donald Trump after only 6 days in office is surprising.

Not because he hasn’t earned it, he has.  But, what is astonishing is how quickly Americans have re-awakened to the potential that capitalism offers for their personal, and their country’s economic renaissance.

Even those fools mired in the left-wing political ideology are shrinking.

Last Friday on the day of his inauguration 36% of left-wing ideologues strongly disapproved of his policies.  This had to be based on the negative perception that the mainstream establishment media and the Democrat leadership had planted in their collective consciences because after watching Trump for only three business days their numbers have already shrunk by 14%. 

The lone dip in his approval came on Monday after the Sunday Morning “News” shows did their usual hatchet job on Trump.

Only slightly more than 30% of Americans now strongly disapprove of our new president.  That’s pretty close to the number of Americans who are registered Democrats.

Will they ever wake up or is this an acknowledgement that Democrats are Marxists in disguise?