Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Falsely Accuses Donald Trump Jr. of Criminal Conspiracy

Elder Patriot| Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just can’t help herself.

If she has the opportunity to throw bombs at the Trump family, she won’t hesitate to do so regardless of the facts behind her accusations.

She did it again yesterday:

The questions and answer AOC was referencing came on Wednesday when the former attorney to President Trump Michael Cohen appeared before the House Oversight Committee.  Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) asked Cohen about money that was paid to Stormy Daniels:

Mr. Khanna: The criminal charge against you then states that executive one forwarded your invoice to someone referred to as executive two, presumably Donald Trump Jr., who’s signing this check as executive two, correct?

Mr. Cohen: I believe so.

Mr. Khanna: Are you telling us, Mr. Cohen, that the president directed transactions in conspiracy with Allen Weisselberg and his son, Donald Trump Jr., as part of a civil — as part of a criminal conspiracy of financial fraud, is that your testimony today?

Mr. Cohen: Yes.

Except, no matter how much AOC wanted it to be so, Cohen’s response just wasn’t accurate.  As the Wall Street Journal reported that afternoon:

The Journal has previously identified “Executive-1” as Mr. Weisselberg. Mr. Cohen testified today that “Executive-2” in the charging document was Donald Trump Jr.

However, according to people familiar with the matter, the second executive was Trump Organization controller Jeffrey McConney, not the president’s son. Mr. McConney previously referred requests for comment by the Journal to a Trump organization representative, who declined to comment.

So Donald Trump Jr. was not identified in the charging document.  Nor was there a “criminal conspiracy,” as Ocasio-Cortez retweeted had been alleged.

There was nothing illegal about the payment that was made in exchange for a NDA because, while it might have been made during the period of the campaign it could not be tied to the campaign because the senior Trump has been entering into similar NDA’s as a matter of course for decades.

Michael Cohen actually admitted this fact at another point in his testimony.

Stated differently,  if President Trump would have incurred this expense had he not ran for office, then there was no requirement to report the expense because this automatically qualified the payment as a regular business expense.

Still, after being confronted with the inaccuracy of her tweet, AOC refused to retract it:

These type of inaccurate incendiary attacks might work with her low information constituents who are predisposed to hating President Trump, but they’re doing irreparable harm to her party.