This is Why Alex Jones Has Been Banned. Be Prepared to Be Shocked

Elder Patriot – Alex Jones and his Infowars channel was banned from social media many months ago.  Have you ever wondered why?

Aside from the unsubstantiated personal smears against Jones, what possible threat could an internet talker pose to anyone?  

Except, perhaps to the leftists who have found it necessary to turn off the spigot of information to anything that challenges their plans to destroy the United States from within.

Think about what leftist politicians, and the cabal they have formed with the mainstream media and social media, are attempting to sell Americans as sound policy:

  • Socialism
  • Unfettered immigration
  • Continued foreign wars
  • Economy destroying tax increases

There are virtually no serious policy discussions on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, or in the New York Times, the Washington Post, or anywhere else in the mainstream media.  At least not policy discussions that seek to protect the liberty of the individual upon which this great republic was founded.

There’s precious little light coming from Fox News Channel or Fox Business Network, either.  Snippets yes, but detailed, intellectual discussions like the one currently posted to Jones’ Infowars website today, not so much.

Do yourself a favor and give a listen.  You’ll come away understanding how nefarious the plot to silence legitimate political discourse has become: