Alabamans Can Help Drain the Swamp And Turn December’s Special Election Into McConnell’s Waterloo

Elder Patriot – If President Trump’s efforts to make America great again are to be realized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has to go.  While Paul Ryan comes close, no one epitomizes the swamp like the power-wielding senator from Kentucky. 

McConnell’s seat is safe for another 5 years after he survived a bruising primary battle against Tea Partier Matt Bevin.  But not without the help of fellow Kentucky Senator Rand Paul who threw the primary to McConnell when he endorsed him hoping to curry favor with the powerful senate leader as he planned his presidential run. 

But, that doesn’t mean McConnell must continue to occupy the powerful position of Majority Leader and wield the enormous power of deciding what legislation gets to the floor for a vote. 

Once McConnell inserted himself into their state election the people of Alabama were given enormous sway over McConnell’s continued authority. He spent as much as $30 million that was under his control to save establishmentarian Luther Strange in a losing primary battle. 

By inserting himself so strongly in Alabama’s special election to replace Jeff Sessions, McConnell has made the state the battleground in his effort to retain his power.  The fact that McConnell has spent his entire tenure compromising the conservative principles of Alabamans presents the voters of Alabama the opportunity to turn this into McConnell’s Waterloo.

Alabama’s Senate President Pro-Tem Del Marsh had explored running for the seat before being told by the National Republican Senate Committee that they were committed to protecting the incumbent establishmentarian.

March tried to warn them that regardless of how much money they spent the people of Alabama were never going to be convinced to vote for the establishment’s candidate.  They didn’t.  Moore won the primary in a landslide despite being grossly outspent.

In what appears to be a desperate political gambit to avoid another Trump supporter in his caucus, McConnell appears to have been a party to orchestrating a smear campaign against evangelical conservative Roy Moore who defeated his candidate.

Long time political observer and Trump supporter, Ned Ryun, believes McConnell has resorted to dirty tricks to derail Moore’s candidacy.

“I strongly suspect it’s a very short list of people, all who are associated with Mitch McConnell – whether it’s Josh Holmes, whether it’s Karl Rove, might even be Steven Law – I don’t know, but I strongly, strongly suspect somebody out of the McConnell camp planted the story.

“It was planted. This came with the blessing of Mitch McConnell at some point, that he was going to take a political shot at Roy Moore.”

Besides the unsubstantiated attacks assailing Moore’s character – oh so similar to the attacks leveled against Donald Trump when he was a candidate with the same response to step aside from McConnell and his establishment cronies – the same National Republican Senate Committee released a poll showing Moore suddenly trailing by 10 points.  That would require almost a quarter of all voters in the state to not only have deserted Moore but also to now embrace a late-term abortion supporter.

The people of Alabama are not so gullible.  They rejected President Trump’s endorsement of Luther Strange seeing it as an effort to curry favor with McConnell to advance his legislative agenda.

This race is no longer simply about electing a single senate candidate.  The contest has become a referendum on Mitch McConnell, as well.  It was McConnell’s decision to interfere in a state election where he holds no authority. By doing so he has given the voters of Alabama the opportunity to defeat two liberal elites – Democrat Doug Jones and RINO Mitch McConnell – with a single vote for Roy Moore.

Drain the Swamp!