Alabama Aftermath: Democrats Stole Another Senate Seat

Elder Patriot – We’ve previously discussed the voter fraud that resulted in New Hampshire sending Democrat, Maggie Hassan, to the U.S. Senate instead of what should have been the lawfully elected Republican.  Essentially, that provided Democrats with the extra vote they needed to save Obamacare.

The policies of the Democratic Party have been soundly rejected by voters across the country but voter fraud and its partner, election fraud, have Democrats perilously close to controlling the U.S. Senate.  Now, evidence is surfacing that they have stolen the recent special election in Alabama.

Doug Jones “won” the special election in Montgomery and surrounding counties where he garnered 75% of the vote despite running far to the left of Hillary Clinton and in defiance of Alabamians’ sensibilities on late term abortion and open borders immigration.  Hillary only captured 67% of the vote in those same counties – Montgomery, Perry, Dallas, Wilcox, Lowndes, Macon, and Bullock.

Both abortion and the influx of cheap low-skilled labor that came with Obama’s open borders policy have devastated the black family but we’re being told to believe that blacks voted against their own interests by a whopping 10.3% greater margin than they did for Hillary Clinton.

Please, they insult our intelligence.  That is why defeated Republican, Roy Moore, is demanding a second and third look into what happened to the vote.

Let’s look at the facts, as we know them to be at this time.

Except for an aberrant Fox News poll, that it self was wildly inaccurate, Moore enjoyed a significant lead in the five polls immediately preceding the election.

Moore’s voters seemed to be solidly standing behind their candidate as pollster Frank Luntz was flabbergasted to learn:

The GOP establishment pollster was amazed at the group’s unanimous loyalty to Roy Moore, or more correctly to President Trump’s agenda.

Now we’re told that they simply didn’t turn out.

So what happened?  George Soros and a political activist specializing in registering felons, Kenneth Glasgow, may have successfully registered enough felons to help turn the election.  Glasgow is a relative of Al Sharpton.

More than two weeks prior to the election reported that Glasgow had bragged:

“In the last month, I think we registered at least five to ten thousand people all over the state.”

How many more felons did Glasgow register over the final two weeks of the campaign?

That’s significant enough but video evidence now suggests that Democrats were running a multi-front assault on the integrity of the vote in Alabama:

That’s a Democrat activist admitting in his exuberance that the Democrat Party employed the voter fraud model they used to successfully steal the New Hampshire Senate seat; they imported voters from neighboring states.

In NH there were 6,540 same-day registrants who registered to vote in the 2016 New Hampshire presidential election using an out-of-state driver’s license to prove their identity.  Ten months after the election 5,526 had failed to move to the state.  Democrat Maggie Hassan won by 1,017 votes.  Connect the dots yourself.

We won’t have those numbers for Alabama for some time until we allow time to see who actually takes up residence after the election. 

Here’s what we do know.  Black employment is up.  Black home ownership is at an all-time high.  And, yet the metrics indicate that by percentages Doug Jones received 17,245 more votes than Hillary would have gotten with the same turnout in the counties we analyzed above.

Considering that Moore lost the election by 20,715 votes those highly questionable 17,245 votes put the election well within the reach of fraudulent mobile voters who only need an additional 3,470 votes to swing the election.  Half as many as crossed state lines to defraud the people of New Hampshire, a far smaller state.

That may be why Roy Moore, who has sworn to stand by President Trump as he efforts to drain the swamp, is refusing to concede.

As we witness the incredible depth and breadth of the swamp we are confronting in our effort to reclaim our country this should not be dismissed as the rumblings of a sore loser.

Remember, it is Trump who, in the aftermath of the voting chicanery of the 2016 presidential, demanded the creation of the Voter Integrity Commission that was opposed by every member of the swamp on both sides of the political aisle.  Why? 

How about for moments like this when the empirical evidence doesn’t match the result orchestrated by the swamp.  Why else would the Alabama Supreme Court grant local election officials permission not to preserve electronic ballot records less than 24 hours before the polls opened?  It’s likely because those records would form the basis of a recount. 

What other reason can you think of?  Why else would anyone go to court for the “right” to destroy evidence in the first place?  This sounds an awful lot like the FBI’s handling of evidence in Hillary’s email “matter.”

The Alabama state Supreme Court’s ruling overturned an injunction issued by a lower court in Montgomery, the state capital, which had ordered election officials across the state to preserve digital images of the ballots cast in the Senate race between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones.

Priscilla Duncan, an attorney representing the plaintiffs in the case said:

“It’s just unbelievable that they examined the pleadings and got eight judges to concur in half an hour on a Monday afternoon. 

“We have reason to believe those machines can be compromised. Whether intentionally or through error, there can be some false results, and there have been some tests around the country where there have been some rather sizeable discrepancies.

“There’s no legitimate reason not to preserve ballot images,” said Christopher Sautter, a Washington election lawyer who helped the plaintiffs in the case. “It’s neither expensive nor inconvenient. It amounts to flipping a switch.”

Between the mainstream propaganda media, the corruption of the FBI and the Department of Justice, radical activist judges, and the growing evidence of fraud surrounding the integrity of our vote, the swamp is well armed to prevent President Trump from making America great again.