Air Force Chief of Staff: Obama Leaving Air Force Critically Deficient

ELDER PATRIOT – General David Goldfein became the United States’ Chief of Staff a little over six months ago.  He immediately began taking stock of our nation’s military preparedness.  He was appalled at what he found.

Despite President Obama’s expansion of Middle East engagements the president had deliberately shrunk the Air Force at the same time.

“We just got too small too fast and we’ve got to grow,” Gen. David Goldfein told an interviewer on Wednesday.

We already knew that our service men and women were being forced to work with outdated equipment that was being patched together by cannibalizing other aircraft in the fleet.  And thanks to President-elect Donald Trump we also are learning how badly our government has been overcharged for the equipment we do have.

Now Gen. Goldfein has found the force level deficient by 33,000 active-duty airmen.  That’s more than 10% short of the 350,000 Gen. Goldfein believes we need at a bare minimum.

Liberals are lamenting that increasing troop levels by that amount would cost $3 billion dollars annually.  President-elect Trump has already shaved a multiple of that from the defense budget simply by meeting with the heads of defense contractors Boeing and Lockheed-Martin and forcing them to bring their pricing into line by opening the process to open bidding.

Remember when Obama mocked candidate Trump by suggesting Trump could only accomplish the changes he was calling for on the campaign trail if he had a “magic wand?”  That was because the woefully unprepared community organizer would’ve needed one if he wanted to do right by American.  More accurately, Americans needed 300 million magic wands to help stop Obama and the compliant Congress’ destructive policies.

Trump is showing the American people what can be accomplished by a real man experienced in difficult negotiation.  In the process he is exposing the outgoing president as a community organizer either unskilled in high-level management or deliberately intent on cutting America down to size, or a combination of both.

That raises the question, why aren’t liberals railing against Obama’s irresponsible defense spending instead of running around screaming that Trump is “ruining our country?”  What is their problem with cutting spending and increasing our military’s capabilities simultaneously?  It couldn’t be because they share Obama’s hatred of America, could it?