ACOSTA MUM ON CNN’s ROLE IN KILLING AND MAIMING MILLIONS Complains The Truth ‘Is Going To Lead To A Journalist Being Hurt’

ELDER PATRIOT – CNN’s Jim Acosta’s tweet that he’s concerned President Trump is going to get a journalist hurt is the height of hubris.  And, delusion.  And, of his unwillingness to admit the results of his and his network’s reporting. 

As with virtually everything else, the Left is not responsible for anything they may do or any aspect of their lives – those actually working to fix things and help build this nation are responsible for everything and everyone.

Well Americans had enough of being used as saps by the Left and turned to Donald Trump to lead them out of the insanity they had become victims of.  And, when peoples’ eyes are opened they start seeing things clearly, very clearly. 

So Jim Acosta wants us to believe that Trump’s takedown of the MSM threatens the safety of members of the media?  Sorry Jim, that dog don’t hunt. 

When your polls showed Donald Trump on his way to being elected president you ginned up violence against Trump supporters.  When James O’Keefe revealed that violence had been paid for and orchestrated by organizations taking orders directly from Hillary’s campaign team you ignored it.  That resulted in Trump supporters being beaten by “protesters” that you and others in the MSM coddled.

Your unwillingness to condemn the vile behavior of the Hollywood elite that are almost daily calling for punching, shooting, killing and beheading or blowing up the White House has likewise created an environment of hostility and violence towards the president.

Even as five Republicans are recovering from gunshot wounds that were a result of irresponsible rhetoric originating with CNN and the MSM Acosta refuses to acknowledge his role in causing the shootings. 

Now he claims to feel threatened. Sorry. but that’s not even 1% of the violence you, CNN, and the rest of the MSM have been responsible for.

You feel less safe?  Screw off.

Here are just some of the stories the MSM have repeated endlessly that have made us all less safe:

  • The Trump-Russia narrative that deliberately pushed two super powers closer to WW III.
  • The “Hands up Don’t Shoot” lie that led to mass shootings, riots, the rise of Black Lives Matter and the assassinations of police across the country, and a nationwide hate movement.
  • The claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that led to 1,000,000 dead Iraqis and tens of thousands of dead and maimed U.S. troops.
  • The false narrative about Syrian rebels being moderates led to the rise of ISIS, an international migrant crisis, and a spike in terrorism around the world.
  • That the Aleppo boy was a victim of Assad that was nothing more than jihadist propaganda to justify an invasion of Syria.
  • The repeated lie that there was an Arab Spring happening in Egypt intended to obscure the fact that Obama was creating instability in that country so that the Muslim Brotherhood – a terrorist organization – could seize control of the most populous nation in the Middle East.
  • CNN telling us that Obama hadn’t provided Iran with a path to nuclear weapons.  Hey Jim, how much blood will be on you hands when they finally use them?
  • Justifying the “return” of $150 billion to the worlds leading funder of terrorism.  How many have already died as a result of terrorist acts funded by that money?

How dangerous has CNN and the MSM in echoing the biased reporting of Jim Acosta, et al?  Watch Paul Joseph Watson explain the instability, deaths and destruction that have resulted from the decisions of U.S. policy-makers that the MSM endorsed.

Sorry Jim, you’re fright, if any even exists – is nothing compared to how Trump’s supporters feel every time they express their support in public.

If you feel threatened then good, you and the other MSM co-conspirators have earned it.  Ask Fox News’ James Rosen what being threatened by the president is like:

Funny, you, CNN and the rest of the MSM ignored Rosen’s story.  Hmm, I wonder why?

Imagine that James Rosen investigated the growing threat of North Korea’s nuclear program and the MSM covered up Obama’s illegal attempts to silence his reporting on it.

Now four years later we’re debating how best to neutralize that threat to minimize the lost of life both in that region and along America’s west coast.

George H.W. Bush reportedly said, “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.”

Well thanks to Donald Trump the American people now know much of what’s been done to them and they also know that none of it would’ve been possible without the unrelenting false narratives and outright lies of the MSM.

Jim, man up.  Did you think you’d never be held to account for all of this?