Accused Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein May Be The Most Mysterious of Bill Clinton’s Friends. Here’s What We Know – Part One

Elder Patriot – Yesterday, while departing the White House for Wisconsin, President Trump held an impromptu presser where he was asked about the resignation of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta.

For the umpteenth time, the Democrat media did their best to tie President Trump to accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, this time through a member of his cabinet.

Acosta, the U.S. Attorney assigned to clean up the mess created by Democrat politicians and under orders from high-level DOJ officials who wanted Epstein to walk with a single misdemeanor complaint and no jail time, did his best under difficult circumstances.

Conchita Sarnoff has spent more than decade hunting evidence against Epstein.  She knows this case as well as anyone:

Ms. Sarnoff was straightforward that Acosta was being made a fall guy:

In spite of the influence peddling at the highest levels of government and the lax Non Prosecution Agreement, Mr. Acosta and his team should remain clear of any false misrepresentations. While at USAO, Acosta and his team accomplished three important goals — registration, restitution and jail time — when prosecuting the real criminal in this case, Jeffrey E. Epstein.  Although the penalties were not sufficiently lengthy given his alleged crimes or even federal in nature, the minimum mandatory guidelines under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA)—Epstein’s case remained a State case—Mr. Acosta [a federal prosecutor] succeeded in penalizing Epstein and gave many victims the opportunity of civil restitution and therefore, emotional healing, two important elements in any prosecution.

During the presser President Trump addressed the political nature of Acosta’s resignation: “He made a deal that people were happy with, and then, 12 years later, they’re not happy with it. You’ll have to figure all of that out.”

“You’ll have to figure all of that out.”  Sounds like we should expect some news that will once again expose the mainstream media as a lying sack of anti-truth verbiage.

Here’s what we already know.  Despite Bill Clinton’s denials, his name appears on the flight logs of Epstein’s lavish private jet, nicknamed the “Lolita Express,” 27 times.  

When asked about Bill Clinton’s claim that he only traveled with Mr. Epstein four times, Mrs. Sarnoff flat-out calls Clinton a liar based on known documentary evidence, flight logs and witness accounts.

Here’s a picture of Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman who procured many of the underage girls that Epstein and his cronies sexually abused, at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding:

Why no questions for the former president?